Paris Hilton Shared a Throwback Photo With Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, "The Holy Trinity"


Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton during homesource/los angeles and Barclay Butera Host a Reception Previewing Selected Auction Items From the Estate of the Legendary Marilyn Monroe at Meson G in Los Angeles, California, United States.
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In 2006, the paparazzi caught a priceless picture, which quickly became known as the "Holy Trinity" photo.

It depicted Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan laughing in the front of a car, and Hilton just shared it on Twitter to commemorate what is undeniably a historical moment in pop culture.

"16 years ago this happened and the 'Holy Trinity' was born. #Sliving @BritneySpears @LindsayLohan," the hotel heiress wrote.

But, according to Entertainment Weekly, appearances were deceiving, because Lohan and Hilton were actually in a feud at that point, brought on by the rumor that Hilton had hit Lohan and poured her drink on her.

In 2021, Hilton said, "Just as we got to the car, that's when Lindsay came up. It was kind of awkward because we were having some drama."

Hilton apparently asked a paparazzo to ask Lohan about the alleged fight. The socialite continued, "Lindsay said, 'No, Paris would never hit me, I've known her since I was 15.

"It was basically just not admitting what she did. It was quite awkward to be asked that question, and it was just weird how that whole thing happened. All of a sudden, I look over, and she's in my car. We weren't getting along, but I was polite."

But speaking to E! News in May, Hilton updated fans on their friendship: "We've DM'd a couple of times. And she's doing great."

She added, "I just feel that we're grown-ups now, I just got married, she just got engaged. We're not in high school. I think it was just very immature and now everything is all good."

As for Spears and Hilton, they're still as close as they once were, with the latter being invited to the former's recent wedding to Sam Asghari. Recalling the beautiful event, Hilton told E! News, "It was a magical fairytale. I'm so happy for her. She's like an angel. And it was just an iconic night with so many incredible powerful women and we had the most epic night ever."

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