Prince Harry Showed Up to a Texas Rodeo in a Cowboy Hat


Prince Harry Working As A Jackaroo At Tooloombilla
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I hope this news can at least marginally brighten up your day: Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, sixth in line to the throne of the United Kingdom, spent his weekend hanging out, of all places, at a rodeo in Fort Worth, Texas.

But the prince didn't just show up—oh no—he fully leaned into the spirit of the event (as he should). He wore cowboy boots and a green cowboy hat (which is by Overland, FYI), and was photographed chatting with people on the day (event staff, presumably).

"Living his best American life," tweeted royal author Omid Scobie. "Prince Harry was in Fort Worth, Texas this weekend and spent Saturday at the historic @cowtowncoliseum for the famous @StockyardsRodeo. The duke was spotted by locals enjoying some good ol’ Southern hospitality and a VIP tour of the venue."

According to People, Stocksyard secretary Cindy Reid captioned a photo, "Where was Prince Harry Saturday night? Oooooh, just hanging out behind the bucking chutes at the Stockyards Championship Rodeo!! Loooove it!! Thank you for the visit!!"

Melton Bull Co. wrote on a now-deleted photo, "Prince Harry hanging out at the rodeo this week ... We get a lot of rodeo royalty but this is the first prince I've seen. Said he was going to enter the bull riding but the airline lost his rigging bag…."

LOL, classic British humor.


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Body language expert Darren Stanton thinks Prince Harry made a special effort to fit in and not be—ahem—too big for his boots during the event.

"Donning a trademark cowboy style hat and shirt with the sleeves rolled up, it was really nice to see Prince Harry engaging and interacting with other attendees while stepping out in Texas," Stanton tells Marie Claire on behalf of Betfair Casino.

"It's not always the body language that we display that gives away clues to how we are feeling and thinking, as the clothes we subconsciously choose to wear in certain situations can also reveal a lot about a personality. The fact that Harry was happy and comfortable to be wearing similar clothing as other guests suggests that he is very comfortable in his own skin. He is humble enough not to just sit back and rest on his royal connection."

The duke is making a conscious effort to come across as an approachable boy-next-door type—not because he doesn't think he's a normal guy, but just because you don't really expect royalty to be super down-to-earth.

"Participating while wearing a similar dress code to others allows Harry to non-verbally communicate that he can be a relatable figure, as well as provide an avenue for him to build rapport," Stanton adds. "It also displays a trust and confidence in those around him, as he didn’t place himself at a distance. Instead, he’s happy to get stuck in and isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves both metaphorically and physically in a similar manner to which his mother, Princess Diana, was known to do.

"His solo appearance in Texas proves that Harry is growing enormously in his own confidence while in America." Yay!

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