Princess Kate Is a "Textbook Capricorn," Astrologer Says

Can relate.

Kate Middleton
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If you're into astrology, you know that finding out someone's star sign can be a great way to start getting to know them and figure out what makes them tick.

But of course, every individual is unique, and they're not always going to fit the description of their star sign to the letter. It's true for you and me, and for the Royal Family.

That's why celebrity astrologer Inbaal Honigman took a look at some of the royals' charts and drew some conclusions as to how their personalities fit in with their sign's traits—and she had some fascinating insights.

Kate Middleton

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Kate Middleton, Capricorn - Jan. 9

"Capricorns are known for their business-like approach to life," Honigman tells Marie Claire on behalf of Slingo, and as a fellow January baby, I kinda very much relate.

"No nonsense, no drama, they just get on with the job at hand," the astrologer continues.

"Princess Catherine is a very typical Capricorn, always poised and coiffed, no matter how many bored children she has to contend with during official engagements.

"Capricorns are focused and persistent, hardworking and ambitious. As a textbook Capricorn, Princess Catherine works hard behind the scenes, away from the public eye, and also enjoys seeing some of her achievements celebrated.

“She’s meticulous in her presentation—never a hair out of place, clothes neat and flattering." (OK, it is worth noting she has a fair bit of help in that area, but still, point taken.)

Honigman concludes, "This precision and attention to detail in a calm and kind way is very typical of Capricorn."

Prince William

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Prince William, Cancer - June 21

“Family is everything to Cancer," Honigman explains.

"They love being close to their elders, and take on family responsibility early on in life.

"William is absolutely Cancerian—and as he matures to become King, his Cancerian qualities will serve him well."

The astrologer goes onto compare the Prince of Wales with his late mother.

"His mother, the late Princess Diana was Cancerian as well, and they both share the qualities of loyalty and kindness, which suit their star sign," she says.

"Tradition is important to Cancer, and as King, he will honor the past while making a lot of space for future improvements."

Prince Harry

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Prince Harry, Virgo - Sept. 15

For Honigman, Prince Harry is the odd one out here, diverging quite a bit from the traits you'd typically expect from his star sign.

"Virgos are reasonable and sensible, methodical and practical," she says.

"A lot of elements in Prince Harry’s life don’t exactly scream Virgo.

"As the younger, cheekier of the siblings, Harry’s public image has been that of a rebel who stretches the boundaries, not a stickler for rules, which Virgos often are.

"Where we can see his Virgo characteristics come to light is in his military career. Virgos make fantastic soldiers, as they like rules and routines and a hierarchy. Harry spent 10 years in the military, rising to the rank of Captain. This is very Virgoan indeed."

Meghan Markle

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Meghan Markle, Leo - Aug. 4

As for Harry's wife, she's a lot more aligned with her chart, per Honigman.

"Leos love the limelight and enjoy public facing jobs and the feeling of being adored," she says. "Leos also enjoy impacting the lives of others, whether or not they’re acknowledged. Meghan Markle embodies Leo qualities beautifully."

Honigman continues, "Her job as a high-profile actress, and her many charity endeavors and involvement in nonprofit organizations, fit perfectly with her Leo star sign."

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