Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret Had Drag-Out Fights as Kids

The Queen reportedly had a “good left hook.”

queen elizabeth princess margaret
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As polished as the royal family might be, it’s always refreshing to hear that they have more in common with us normies than meets the eye. For example, apparently as kids, Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret had some serious sibling fights—a royal biographer even described Elizabeth as having a “good left hook.” 

Princess Margaret, who passed away in 2002, was only four years younger than her sister, and though she didn’t have the responsibilities of Elizabeth, Margaret’s altruism and biting sense of humor made her one of the most beloved royals in history. (While it’s obviously fictionalized, The Crown did make Margaret seem like a ball to hang out with.) The sisters’ relationship stayed close, as they relied on each other in the face of intense public scrutiny.

But they also had their own sibling rivalry as kids. According to Express UK, quoting royal expert Victoria Arbiter’s comments on the subject from the documentary Princess Margaret: Rebel Without a Crown, “They could go at it.” She continued, “Marion Crawford, their governess, had said they didn’t hesitate to argue and fight. Elizabeth apparently had a good left hook whereas Margaret wasn’t shy to bite her sister in return.”

Can you imagine biting the future Queen? This glimpse into the life of these two major figures of the 20th and 21st century reveals the tightness of their relationship, showing that, despite the burden of their royal lineage, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret were normal kids, growing up and, yes, even occasionally having it out. 

queen elizabeth princess margaret

Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret in 1999.

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Arbiter also added that, even with the fighting and biting, Elizabeth and Margaret were extremely close as kids, too, and stayed that way through adulthood:

“They didn’t go to regular schools, they were each other’s best friend…Elizabeth was quite happy for Margaret to be the centre of attention because she said, ‘If Margaret’s there, she makes everybody laugh.’ And so it took the pressure off Elizabeth who perhaps was more introverted compared to her mischievous sister.”

The documentary also noted that their father, King George VI, once said of his beloved daughters, “Elizabeth is my pride, but Margaret is my joy.” Which is very sweet.

While the glimpse into their childhood is fascinating, it is hard to imagine the Queen hauling off and decking someone—now or ever. Nice to know she has it in her, though.

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