Episode 2 of Project Runway, Season 7

Recap of Episode 2, Project Runway Season 7

project runway season 7 cast
(Image credit: Lifetime Television, 2009)

Burlap, Skin and a Little Bit of Crazy

Just to review, on episode 1 of Season 7, we met all the designers, got a taste of their personalities and an idea of their design style. Christiane King waltzed into the workroom with a bit of a diva attitude, declaring that "yeah, I'm pretty good," only to become the first contestant to get the boot. I was a little surprised.

Meanwhile Ping Wu, a flighty, wild card designer from China, did some serious draping to create an outfit that resembled a hybrid of traditional Bedouin wear and performance art. For her ensemble, she didn't win but received a top three honorable mention from the judges. I was a little surprised.

Emilio walked away the winner for a super cute multi-fabric halter dress. I was not surprised.

Last night the Season 7 designers were taken off to a farm. Tim explained that they must create a look form burlap potato sacks and then pulled my favorite switch up—told them that their models were their clients.

The episode that really had me hooked on Project Runway was way back in Season 1, the model-as-client wedding dress challenge where the models demanded ridiculously tacky wedding dresses, brought in some of their boyfriends for the fitting and then dissolved into tears and hysterics—pure gold. Unfortunately, these models have learned a thing or two from watching past seasons; they kept their composure, even when railroaded by their designer, and not one of them got close to a freak-out.

Instead we saw some mild cattiness between designers, Ping fluttering about giggling, and some seriously cute burlap dresses. For the most part the designers managed to churn out some incredible looks. Jay Sario walked away the winner for a sleek little number that almost exposed too much up top and Ping, Pamela Ptak and Jesus Estrada landed in the bottom—the second time for Jesus.

Again, Ping's outfit generated the most talk. Essentially she sewed two burlap bags together, threw on some huge pockets and cut a slit up the back exposing her model's buttocks—taking this weeks runway from fashion show to peep show.

In the end Pamela Ptak was asked to leave for her hoochi-looking, faux-denim, all burlap mini dress. I was seriously shocked. Yeah, it was short, and she didn't do her model's hips any favors, but I had faith in her potential. Jesus needed to go, and even though she seems to be a fan favorite already, Ping's dress was a serious disaster—worthy of being sent home.

But no, Ping got off with a slap on the wrist, Jesus got his second second chance and I'm 0-2.