The Queen Might Have a Secret Facebook Account

The surprisingly savvy monarch has often been the first to embrace new technology.

queen elizabeth ii technology
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth II has repeatedly shown a knack for adapting to technology—especially considering she’s 95 years-old and has reigned since before most people had black and white television sets in their homes. 

In fact, the Queen has actually been well ahead of the curve compared to even the folks who might consider themselves up-to-date with the latest tech. Recall, for example, her embrace of podcasting for her Christmas address in 2006, nearly a decade before most of us got on the podcasting train. Or the fact that she’s had a presence on pretty much every major social media site since social media started—Her Majesty even has a Flickr account! And that tech know-how really came in handy during the pandemic, when the Queen had to start holding Zoom conferences.

But one rumor about her love of technology persists: Does the Queen have a secret Facebook account? According to royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti, it’s very possible. “There’ve been reports that the queen has a secret Facebook account, which I can’t quite believe [because] she is 95 years old..but she seems completely able to pick these things up,” Sacerdoti told Us Weekly this week. Indeed, the rumor of the Queen’s finsta (finbook?) have been circulating for years, but it’s come up again recently alongside the report that the Queen has an MI6-approved anti-hacking phone on which she accepts calls from her daughter and also her racing manager

“We saw her during lockdown with all the Zoom calls and the video calls. And now, since her health’s been not quite as good as it was in the past, she’s been doing more that way,” Sacerdoti continued. “And now we find out about the Facebook account. It’s extraordinary to think how readily and easily she picks up these new technologies.”

And she wouldn’t be the first royal to go the secret social media route. You might remember that Prince Harry had a private Instagram with the handle @SpikeyMau5, which was revealed in the book about the Sussexes, Finding Freedom. The name was a nod to his other secret social media account, a private Facebook under the name Spike Wells, as well as a shout-out to his favorite DJ Deadmau5. Meghan Markle actually friended this secret IG before their relationship was even formally announced. (He has since deleted it, sadly.) 

So what else does Sacerdoti say about the Queen’s Facebook? “I mean, we don’t know the queen’s pseudonym [there] and we also don’t know how many friends she has,” he said, adding, “She hasn’t yet accepted my request.”

Other burning questions that remain unanswered: How long the Queen has had her Facebook, whether that timing coincided with the short-lived "poke" feature on Facebook, and whether the Queen ever “poked” or was “poked” on Facebook. 

If you ever “poked” the Queen on Facebook, feel free to send us an anonymous tip. We’ll obviously update as more reporting becomes available.

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