Rachel Zegler Defends Taylor Swift Over Misogynistic Comments Amid Rumored Travis Kelce Relationship

Both women have been on the receiving end of online misogyny.

Taylor Swift and Rachel Zegler
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Taylor Swift and Rachel Zegler are both women in the public eye, and unfortunately that means they have something sinister in common: being on the receiving end of misogynistic commentary online and in real life.

Amid Swift's rumored romance with NFL pro Travis Kelce, the singer has been finding herself at the center of discourse in circles where that wouldn't typically happen—and in some cases, the comments are unacceptable.

In one video, Dan Katz of Chicago's Barstool Sports was discussing what it would take for him to "believe" that Swift and Kelce were in fact dating, then proceeded to list all the sex acts he would need to see before he did in fact believe it.

Sharing the video on Twitter (because he was proud of it?), Katz wrote, "If Taylor Swift is going to be taking over our Sunday’s [sic] I’m going to need to see a sex tape. These are my demands"

Encouragingly, many of the comments on Katz' post condemned him for saying things they felt were bizarre and unwarranted.

Actress Rachel Zegler, who herself was widely attacked online following some comments she made about Snow White, quote-tweeted Katz' post in defence of Swift, writing, "it’s not news that the media is particularly (and unwarrantedly) cruel to taylor swift but the way men feel entitled to speak about women, their bodies, and their sex lives needs to be seriously evaluated

"you will never see people speaking this way about a man. that goes for a lot of different scenarios. we do not pick apart men’s attitudes and relationships the way we do women’s. and it’s not always just men who speak this way about us. women can and do, too. it sucks.

"leave taylor swift alone!"

Zegler added, "seeing a lot of 'it’s a joke' but you’ve got to understand that since the beginning of time 'you can’t take a joke' has been synonymous with 'let me say a horrible thing about women without suffering the consequences' — we’re sick and tired! it’s never been funny! get a life!"

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