Rosario Dawson, 44, Is Going to Be a Grandma

Congratulations to her growing family!

Rosario Dawson (R) and Daughter attend Refinery29's "29Rooms: Turn It Into Art" at 106 Wythe Ave on September 7, 2017 in New York City.
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Rosario Dawson, 44, is preparing to become a grandmother for the first time.

Rosario's daughter Isabella Dawson, 21, is currently expecting her first child, the Ahsoka star recently revealed to Page Six during an interview. "It’s very exciting," she said, adding that she would like her grandkid to call her "Glamma."

Rosario adopted Isabella in 2014, when she was 11. She knew Isabella's biological mother, and sought to adopt the little girl when she found out that she was in foster care at the time, as she revealed in an interview with Health magazine (as reported by People).

"I'm grateful for her development, our maturation and our connection," Rosario said in that interview.

"To have a young person move in with you and to have to really consciously work through triggers and that kind of stuff is a really different thing than being pregnant and having your baby grow up in front of you—to be able to see how we're getting closer and closer. We are a family, and it's beautiful."

In an interview with People earlier this year, Rosario opened up about how important Isabella is in her life.

"I love her so much and she's such a good person. And I love that she's very girly," she said.

"She's always been that since very romantic and you know, she loves her jewelry and you know, playing dress up.

"But she's always been the girl who likes to get dirty and like in there in the mud and that's my kind of girl."

She added that the young woman "always keeps me on my toes."

Congratulations to this sweet mother and daughter pair on expanding their family!

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