Royals Probably "Laughed" About Kim Kardashian Buying Princess Diana's Necklace, Expert Claims

It's probably not a big deal to them.

Kim Kardashian acquires Princess Diana's cross
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Kind of out of left field, Kim Kardashian recently bought a necklace previously worn by Princess Diana at auction.

While some royal fans weren't thrilled about this news, one royal reporter doesn't think this will have shaken the Royal Family by any measure.

Valentine Low, author of Courtiers, hadn't heard about this until he was asked about it during an interview with Us Weekly, but he believes royals are probably more amused by this than anything else.

"I think they probably laugh at it," he said. "Laugh about it over the breakfast table and move on. I mean, they certainly wouldn’t be annoyed, I don’t think."

The reality star acquired the amethyst Attallah Cross for $197,453 during a Sotheby's auction, news of which quickly started a very funny meme format whereby Twitter users falsely reported that Kardashian had also bought random iconic objects from pop culture.

As for the piece's history, a press release for Sotheby's read, "The cross was [originally] bought by Naim Attallah CBE, from Garrard [the jeweler that made Diana's engagement ring] in the 1980s and through his friendship with Princess Diana, he was able to loan it to her several times over a number of years to wear at events. It is understood that the cross was only ever worn by the Princess, and following her death, it was never seen in public again until now."

Kardashian herself hasn't publicly commented on what prompted this unexpected purchase. I hope she enjoys it, I guess?

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