Meghan Markle Going Back to Acting Would Be a "Step Down," Royal Author Claims

There have been rumors this might be her next move.

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Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Spotify deal fell through and their Netflix docuseries was snubbed in the latest Emmy nominations, there have been many theories as to what their next move could be career-wise.

One prevailing theory for Meghan is that she may want to return to acting, which was her occupation before she met Harry and eventually joined the Royal Family—but for one royal biographer, it may not be the right move for the Duchess of Sussex.

"I don't think it's the proper next step and I don't think she was doing that," Christopher Andersen told Us Weekly (via Express).

"It would be a step down, wouldn't it? The same way Grace Kelly, Princess Grace—there was always talk she would go back into acting because that was her true passion, but I'm not so sure it is Meghan's true passion. I think she wants to be a social force."

Considering the duchess' previous projects, in particular her podcast Archetypes, Andersen's point seems fairly valid, though of course we won't know what Meghan has in mind until she announces it herself.

Still, acting seems like a pretty viable next step for the duchess, since she signed with a major Hollywood talent agency in April.

After news of the Sussex Emmys snub broke, media commentator Mark Boardman hypothesized that Meghan would be very much considering a return to acting.

"Meghan obviously has the children to worry about, but acting is definitely going to be in the pipeline," he said.

"She wants to be treated seriously as a film star and she probably didn't quite get the recognition she wanted from Suits.

"Meghan wants to be a leading lady and she will definitely go back into acting. She needs to find her own career and identity."

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