Princess Beatrice's Appearance in 'Scoop' Feels Like It's "Ruined" Her Opportunity to Contribute More to the Royal Family: Source

The Netflix show paints Beatrice as a key player in Prince Andrew's decision to do his infamous 'Newsnight' interview.

Princess Beatrice at a royal engagement
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Princess Beatrice was looking forward to stepping up in the Royal Family a little amid the King's and the Princess of Wales' cancer diagnoses.

But Netflix' newly released drama Scoop, which recounts the events surrounding Prince Andrew's infamous BBC Newsnight 2019 interview with Emily Maitlis, has thrown a wrench in those plans: The character of Beatrice plays an unexpectedly key role in the movie, helping her father decide whether to do the interview.

A still from the Netflix movie "Scoop"

Princess Beatrice plays a surprisingly key role in Netflix' Scoop.

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"Bea feels like this has set her back a few steps just as everything was going right for her within the Royal Family," a source has told OK!.

"Bea was very much focused on her charitable work and was looking forward to contributing more. This is the last thing she needed. Charles and William were starting to see her as a pivotal part of plugging the gap within the family, but she feels like that’s all been ruined now."

This isn't the last we'll be hearing about Andrew's interview fiasco—in which he was grilled about his ties to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and gave some truly astonishing answers. Maitlis herself will be releasing her version of events via the Amazon limited series A Very Royal Scandal, scheduled for release later this year.

"Bea is dreading the release of Emily’s version of events because she thinks she will feature more heavily in it," OK!'s source continued.

"She believes it will stir everything up for no reason and nobody will let her live it down. To say she is upset is an understatement—she’s devastated."

Gillian Anderson and Rufus Sewell in "Scoop"

Gillian Anderson and Rufus Sewell as Emily Maitlis and Prince Andrew in Netflix' Scoop.

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The Duke of York's banishment from royal life was all but sealed by his conversation with Maitlis. During their interview, he denied knowing Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who accused him of sexual abuse, and stated that he didn't regret his friendship with Epstein.

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