Ryan Gosling Shows Support for Partner Eva Mendes In the Form of a Message on His T-Shirt

While promoting his new movie, Gosling took the opportunity to promote a project of Mendes’ simultaneously.

Ryan Gosling
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As Ryan Gosling promoted his 2023 film Barbie and received accolades and acknowledgement for his performance as Ken, his partner Eva Mendes was endlessly supportive—and now Gosling is returning the favor, in a subtle yet #IYKYK manner.

While on the press tour in the U.K. for his new film, The Fall Guy—which he stars in alongside Emily Blunt, and which hits theaters Friday—Gosling wore a t-shirt with a message on it that might have seemed confusing to some at first. What is Desi, Mami and the Never-Ending Worries, anyway?  

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt

This is love! Supportive partners are the best.

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Well, it turns out that, for those that didn’t yet know, that’s the name of Mendes’ forthcoming children’s book, which hits shelves on September 17 (and is available in both English and Spanish, by the way). Gosling wore the t-shirt yesterday during an interview with Hits Radio, People reports, and of her upcoming book, Mendes told the outlet that “Desi, Mami and the Never-Ending Worries is a love letter to my kids and yours.”

Gosling and Mendes have been together since 2011 and share two daughters, nine-year-old Esmeralda and eight-year-old Amada.

“Learning how to train our brain to work for us and not against us is easier said than done,” Mendes continued. “At my home and in Desi’s, we try to deal with the never-ending worries and anxieties that we all have, so those negative thoughts don’t take over and dominate.”

Mendes turned 50 last month, and, on the precipice of her children’s book launch, seems happier than ever. In addition to helping promote Mendes’ book, Gosling “made her birthday very special,” a source speaking to People said, adding “She seemed very comfortable turning 50. Ryan constantly tells her she’s beautiful.”

They continued that “Eva and Ryan are truly such a happy couple. They’re very supportive of each other’s passions. They’re also grateful for the financial freedom their work gives them, and they’re all about family time. They’re great at balancing everything.”

Let’s pause for a moment and let Mendes keep it real, in a recent interview with Glamour: “I don’t have it figured out,” she said. “I don’t have balance. I have no idea what the word ‘balance’ means. I feel like, and this is a very honest answer, every time I feel like I’m succeeding in one area or excelling, I feel like I’m lacking in the other, whatever that may be. I don’t know how to balance, and I don’t know if there is such a thing as balance for me. I think maybe I’ll have to be okay just kind of being imbalanced for a while. Maybe that part of it is figuring that out.” (Never loved you more, Eva.) 

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

Mendes and Gosling met and fell in love on the set of "The Place Beyond the Pines."

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Eva Mendes

The couple, who are rarely photographed together, share two daughters.

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Mendes opened up recently about how it was a “no-brainer” to give up acting in favor of raising her daughters. “It truly seems they are surviving Hollywood as a couple because of the way they’ve handled being famous,” a source said to People. “They try their best to stay out of the spotlight. For them, the most important job is their girls. Everything else comes second.”

Eva Mendes on a red carpet

Mendes' children's book comes out in both English and Spanish on September 17.

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Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt

Gosling and Blunt co-star in "The Fall Guy," out this Friday.

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Of Desi, Mami and the Never-Ending Worries, “I didn’t want to be another celebrity with the kid’s book,” Mendes told Glamour. “There’s enough out there, amazing books by celebrities, so I was like, ‘We don’t need a book from me.’ But then I thought, ‘Wait a minute; I actually have something to share because I have these nighttime struggles with my kids. They have these worries, and we go through it together.' I wanted to share my story as a mom when it comes to nighttime and sleep and those worries that we have during the day that the kids have that are amplified at nighttime. And I just thought, ‘If I’m going through this, definitely there are other moms going through this.’ So I wanted to share my story.”

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