Notoriously Private Suki Waterhouse Opens Up About How She Met Fiancé Robert Pattinson and How He Has Adapted to Fatherhood

“I light up when I’m around him.”

Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson
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Suki Waterhouse is on the cover of the August issue of British Vogue, but she isn’t there alone—the normally private Waterhouse opted to have her three-month-old daughter, whom she shares with fiancé Robert Pattinson, on the cover with her.

Suki Waterhouse on the cover of "British Vogue"

Waterhouse shares her "British Vogue" cover with her newborn daughter.

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Perhaps fitting, in the accompanying cover story, Waterhouse gets candid about being a new mom, telling the outlet that she and Pattinson “really planned” to become parents together, but, noting that she likes to keep things interesting, only fully reckoned with the idea of becoming parents after she became pregnant. “One day we looked at each other and said, ‘Well, this is as ready as we’re going to be,’” Waterhouse said. “I was like, ‘What can make more chaos?’”

Waterhouse welcomed their daughter back in March, and shortly after her arrival, she got candid about how she felt as she entered what she called her “fourth trimester,” or life immediately after giving birth. She honored her postpartum experience in an Instagram caption, noting that adjusting to being a new mom had been challenging: “The fourth trimester has been…humbling!” she wrote. “The postpartum period has been filled with exhilarating joy, so much laughter, tears, so many hormones! I’m proud of everything my body has achieved and proud of the kindness and grace I’ve given myself during this recovery period.” 

Suki Waterhouse

Waterhouse was vulnerable on social media about what she called the "fourth trimester."

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One month after her daughter’s birth, Waterhouse performed at Coachella, where she told her fans “I don’t know if some of you know, but I had some big life changes happen recently—some pretty big events have been going down,” she said in a clip captured by an audience member. “I love amazing ladies, and I’ve been very lucky to have my own little amazing lady and meet the love of my life.”

Of the other love of her life, Pattinson, Waterhouse opened up about him inside the pages of British Vogue, telling the publication that meeting him “was very, very intense,” she said of the Hollywood game night where she first met him in 2018. “There were lots of ‘big’ characters [there], real heavy-hitters,” adding that “Al Pacino was there. Javier [Bardem] and Penelope [Cruz] were there…and, you know, everyone was really acting.”

She added of Pattinson “I was sure that I’d met him a long time ago, but he didn’t think that we had,” and said that during the event they “started giggling at the absurdity of the whole thing” to the point where they “got told off”: “There was a director that separated us because we were laughing too much,” she said.

Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson

The couple are typically fiercely private, so Waterhouse's candidness is unprecedented. 

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She noted that she thinks they “both sort of have the same slight uncomfortable-ness” that drew them together, and now, years later, “I think Rob’s quite funny,” Waterhouse said. “I light up when I’m around him.”

Waterhouse told British Vogue that living in Los Angeles “definitely became more fun” after she met Pattinson, but added that they haven’t ruled out moving back to their native London: “Trust me, it’s at the forefront of our minds,” she said.

Despite being “really nervous” during the birth of their daughter—“like all dads,” Waterhouse added—“for someone who’s quite an anxious person, he’s been very calm,” Waterhouse said of Pattinson adapting to fatherhood. She also said Pattinson is “the dad I could have hoped for,” saying of him and their baby girl “I mean, a dad and his daughter? It’s an actual love story.”

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