Tori Spelling's New Podcast Opens with a Very Personal Phone Call About Her Divorce

The actress isn't holding back.

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Days after Tori Spelling filed for divorce from Dean McDermott, she's opening up about it on her new podcast.

On Monday's debut episode of Misspelling, Spelling calls McDermott and leaves him a voicemail, asking him to call her (via Us Weekly). She then shares with the podcast's listeners that she's just been informed her divorce filing is public.

Spelling and McDermott were married for 18 years; their official date of separation was last June, according to the filing. Us Weekly notes that McDermott initially confirmed the news on Friday, though he's since deleted his Instagram post about it.

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Misspelling listeners then got to hear Spelling's side of her conversation with her ex after he called her back. "If it's about that, 'who files first, the other person's wrong,' I feel like I deserve to file first then," she said to McDermott. "Well, I mean, you basically put it all out there with Daily Mail, like you said, everything that you've done to me over the years. So, I think it would make perfect sense that it's followed up that I would file. Those are things I would never have divulged to anybody, and you did."

As Us Weekly notes, Spelling appears to be referring to an interview McDermott gave the Daily Mail in November, in which he told the outlet he'd caused Spelling "a lot of pain."

In the rest of the podcast episode after the exes end the call, Spelling discussed her and McDermott's five children and how the divorce might affect them. The actress also said her ex displayed "red flags" and "anger issues" throughout their relationship.

"I’m really happy that he's sober now," Spelling said on the podcast. "But our relationship definitely changed, to the point where I felt like I was just in this alone with the kids."

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