How to Throw a Dart

Success comes with consistency and precision, not strength.

Woman holding dart board
(Image credit: RickBL)

You may think your best shot at a bull's-eye is to heave a dart at the board with all your might. Not so.

Success comes with consistency and precision, not strength. Follow these steps during target practice, and once you've found a method that works for you, stick with it. As with many athletic endeavors, your dart game will improve once you've established a routine.

1. Distribute your weight evenly between both feet. Don't be tempted to lean forward. Yes, it will get you closer to your target, but the balance you lose by leaning is far more valuable than the inch or two you gain.

2. Line up your eye with the dart and your target. Darts is an aim game, and accuracy comes with practice. Even if you can't hit a bull's-eye, getting on the board consistently will almost always beat out an erratic player who gets lucky every now and then.

3. When you shoot your dart, movement should be isolated to your throwing arm. Keep your upper arm parallel to the floor, while your hand pulls back and shoots the dart to your target. Try to keep your wrist steady, and resist any temptation to flick it in order to gain speed — you will compromise your accuracy.

4. After you've thrown your dart, hold your arm position for a moment. The follow-through will help your aim, and make you look like a pro. And, ultimately, that's what you're going for, right?