20 Scents That Immediately Bring Back Memories

No matter what, there are always those smells that will take you right back to your childhood, your former relationship, or that one summer you'll never forget. Take a stroll down memory lane with twenty of our favorites.

1. Coffee in the morning

2. Your mother's perfume

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3. Camp fires

4. Your favorite moisturizer

5. Tequila

6. The first snow of the season

7. Fresh-cut grass

8. Popcorn

9. Pine trees

10. Homemade cookies

11. Summer rain

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12. Sharpened pencils

13. The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter

14. Swimming pools

15. Your first boyfriend's cologne

16. Wet paint

17. New cars

18. Just-washed laundry

19. The smell that hits you when you walk into Abercrombie

20. Crunchy fall leaves

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