We Still Miss Fred!

In honor of what would have been Mr. Rogers' 80th birthday and the first-ever "Won't You Wear A Sweater?" Day, here are 17 things we learned from the beloved TV icon.

1. A comfy pair of flat shoes makes all the difference

2. Trolleys rock

3. How crayons are made

4. That sometimes people (and pets) die

5. Not all talking cats (Henrietta Pussycat), owls (Cousin Mary Owl), and striped tigers (Daniel) are bad

6. The Land of Make Believe is so where you want to buy a condo

7. Talking to your parents about something that is bothering you instead of hiding it will usually make you feel better

8. Smooth Jazz isn't so terrible

9. How to deal peacefully with angry feelings

10. Cardigan sweaters rule

11. Don't forget to feed your fish (see point 4)

12. Hospitals are nothing to be afraid of

13. How to share

14. Befriend your postman

15. That talking softly and slowly often gets your point across better than angry yelling ever will

16. Go Pittsburgh!

17. Mr. Rogers was a teacher, a minister and a puppeteer before he got his own show. He was 40 when he began filming Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, so if it took Mr. Rogers that freakin' long to figure things out, you're going to be just fine.

Enjoy Jimmy Kimmel's tribute to Mr. Rogers in Unnecessary Censorship here.

Click here to be a good neighbor and find out more about Sweater Day (from Mr. McFeeley, natch) and to send in your own photo honoring Fred.

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