This Insane 'Game of Thrones' Fan Theory May Have Just Accurately Predicted Season 8

The dragon theories will leave you 😱.

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Game of Thrones is on hiatus, so currently we are in a state of:

But thankfully, a Reddit user with a lot of time and a possibly omniscient brain devoted themselves to parsing out a massive prediction list about what will happen during the show's final season—and frankly it looks extremely feasible.

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If this is making your brain immediately spiral into a state of TL;DR, allow us to pull out some bullet points for you.

1. The Lannister Army will ditch Cersei and join Jaime to go North, fight the Army of the Dead, and win.

2. But plot twist—the Night King and his dragon peace out to conquer King's Landing, amassing a whole new fleet of undead, including Euron and the Golden Company. Jaime kills Cersei and becomes Lord Commander, making it his mission to restore the wall.

3. Dany gets pregnant, dies in childbirth, and Jon takes the iron throne.

4. All the dragons die, but the final shot of the show is eggs.

File under: SHOOK.

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