How Well Do 'Queer Eye' Co-Stars Jonathan, Tan, and Antoni Know Each Other?

Three members of the Fab Five are put to the ultimate friendship test.

Queer Eye is back (whee!) for its second season on Netflix, which means there's a whole new lineup of binge-worthy delightfulness to watch whenever the mood strikes. To celebrate the Fab Five's return, invited the guys to take part in our new series, "How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star?" to test their knowledge of each other and their fabness.

In the first episode, Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, and Tan France are put to the challenge to answer questions like naming which musical group Jonathan loved so much he used to iron their decals onto his clothes (bonus, two of the guys break out in an impromptu duet once the answer is revealed, because, obviously), what Antoni's first IMDb credit is (spoiler, it's not House Bunny, much to Jonathan's disappointment), and where Tan ran away to for a week when he was just 17.

Honestly, it's all magnificent, but it's worth tuning in simply just to watch Jonathan (the grooming expert, naturally) absentmindedly twirling his mustache as he tries to answer the questions.