Bigger Boobs Without Surgery?

Every time I watch Dr. 90210, I come away with the same two thoughts. The first usually has to do with Dr. Rey's high creepiness factor. The second: Plastic surgery looks brutal.

Maybe it's because I'd never consider breast implants for myself (my cups runneth over), but the brutal procedure and the long, painful recovery — especially since implants generally last about 10 years before you need to go in for another surgery.

But it looks like there's another option, and it's surgery-free. I didn't realize there was a nonsurgical option other than a sturdy push-up bra, but MC's Ning Chao found it overseas in London.

It's called Macrolane, and it's a new hyaluronic-acid filler for breasts. available in Asia and Europe (the U.S. won't start doing clinical trials for another few years). If you're small-chested, you probably won't come out looking like a Playboy bunny — Macrolane only gives a one-cup boost that lasts for 12 to 18 months before it's safely absorbed by the body.

Is it worth it? Ask me again later — I'm still light- headed after reading Ning's description of the procedure. Reading about her experience getting stabbed and prodded with an instrument the size of a knitting needle gives my girls sympathy pains.

It looks like almost half of all women might disagree with me, though. America Society of Plastic Surgeons president Dr. Richard D'Amico told Ning that forty-four percent of American women have dissatisfaction with their breasts and consider doing some augmentation.

I'm not really surprised that almost half of all women are dissatisfied with their cleavage, but I am pretty shocked that they've considered augmentation — especially since the only option in the U.S. right now is plastic surgery. Will that number jump even more when Macrolane is available here? Would you consider it for yourself? Read about it here and tell us what you think in the comments!

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