Why Did Serial Killer Jeremy Jones Confess to Patrice Endres' Murder?

Her cold case is the subject of an episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

Trigger warning: This article includes references to sexual assault and murder. In the "13 Minutes" episode of Netflix's Unsolved Mysterieswe learn of the tragic and mysterious murder of Patrice Endres. Patrice was a mother and hairdresser from Cumming, Georgia, who vanished from her hair salon within a 13-minute window on April 15, 2004. There was no trace of any struggle at the crime scene except for Patrice's uneaten lunch, and her car was parked unusually. Her remains were discovered 600 days later, on December 6, 2005, behind Lebanon Baptist Church in Dawson County. She left behind a son, Pistol Black, and a husband, Rob Endres.

The cold case has left authorities stunned since 2004, and there remain almost no leads on what caused Patrice's death. The episode dives into possible theories from family, friends, and various officers. One theory involves the serial killer Jeremy Jones. 

Who was Jeremy Jones?

Jones is a serial killer who has claimed to have killed 21 women in five states in 12 years, according to AL.com. He was finally caught in 2004 when he was arrested for the murder of Lisa Nichols, who Jones sexually assaulted and killed before setting her Turnerville, Alabama home on fire.

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Why did Jeremy Jones confess to Patrice's murder?

The episode includes interrogation footage of Jones in 2005 when he was arrested for Nichols' murder. Jones told detectives he'd abducted and killed a hairdresser from a Georgia salon, telling authorities he murdered the woman and threw her body off a bridge into a creek. He even told police that some of her alleged final words: "She said she had a family that loved her very much. She started crying, which started to make me cry."

On the episode, Mobile County Sheriff's Office Capt. Paul Burch said that Jones' confession to the detectives about this woman's death includes details that only the killer of Patrice would've known. "I believe he's a strong possibility for Patrice's murder," said Burch.

But Jones ended up taking back his confession later that year, saying to NBC 15 News, "There's detectives out there who've worked these cases for years and years, and they're so bound and determined to put me here, and put me there, and question me about this, and question me about that, ok? Let's see the hard evidence. Let's see the facts. Okay?" Jones also told Tulsa World, he lied about killing Endes' to get better food, extra jail visitation, and more phone privileges. It's worth noting that the place Jones claimed to have left Patrice's body is 70 miles away from where she was found.

While Jones took back his confession, the police have never eliminated him as a suspect, but there is no evidence linking Jones to the crime. He is currently on death row inmate at the Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore, Alabama, with no possibility for parole.

Visit unsolved.com if you have any information about Patrice's disappearance.


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