Pistol Black, Patrice Endres' Son, Is Still Searching for Justice

The hairdresser's disappearance and death remains a mystery.

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In the episode "13 Minutes" in the first season of Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries reboot, the story of hairdresser Patrice Endres' disappearance and death unfolds in sad detail. Based on the reception to the episode, viewers are intensely interested about what her life was like before her disappearance and what, exactly, happened to the popular community figure and entrepreneur. One of the saddest aspects of her story was Patrice's close relationship with her son, Pistol Black, who at 16 was left devastated when his mother disappeared. Black gives candid interviews throughout the course of the episode and clearly grieves the loss of his kind, compassionate parental figure. Right now, there are no active suspects in the beloved hairdresser's disappearance and death, but Black is still hoping for closure and justice.

How close were Patrice and Pistol?

Very close—basically best friends, to hear Black talk about it. They fought from time to time; Black said the morning of her disappearance they had a minor tiff, because he was hoping to get to school early to see his girlfriend, and that he had a rebellious streak—but friends spoke about how Patrice doted on her son and would never have voluntarily left him behind.

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What happened after Patrice Endres went missing?

An intense search followed the "13 minutes" on April 15, 2004—the 13 minutes between when Patrice was last seen and when she went missing from her salon. Money was stolen from her safe, and the prevailing theory is that she was abducted. Nothing resulted from the few leads available, and her remains were found over a year and a half later. No one has ever been arrested in the case, and despite many interviews (including with two serial killers who may have been active in the area at the time) and a false confession, it doesn't seem like there are any new leads.

Both Black and Rob said in the episode that there was an ongoing animosity between the two of them, and that Rob kicked Black out of the house as soon as Patrice disappeared (even, says Pistol, without giving him any of his personal belongings). In spite of their differences, Rob and Black worked hard with the police and community on the case; Black said he was devastated when his mother was found murdered, saying that he'd held out hope until the very end that she might be found alive.

Where is Pistol Black now?

After Patrice's death, Pistol went to live with his father. There's not much information about Black online today, which may be by design. It's unclear if a LinkedIn page for a person with the same name is the same Pistol Black, but if it is, he's in Georgia working as a master insulation installer.

In the episode, Black said it'd been 15 years since his mom's death, and that he has none of her personal belongings (Rob has her possessions, as well as her ashes—Rob says he's glad Black doesn't have them).

Black said he's still looking for closure and justice. "I just hope I can be half the person she was," he said in the episode, through tears.

If you have information about Patrice's disappearance and death, visit unsolved.com.

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