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Follow Marie Claire on Twitter at @marieclaire and check out our favorite Twitter pages that are a must-read for every woman, from fashion tips and the best beauty blogs to the celebs on Twitter we can't get enough of.

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Follow Marie Claire on Twitter at @marieclaire and check out our favorite Twitter pages that are a must-read for every woman, from fashion tips and the best beauty blogs to the celebs on Twitter we can't get enough of.

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Web Editor Diana Vilibert: "Subway Pet Peeve: People who wrap themselves around the pole like they're getting paid to be there." —@dianavilibert

Living Flirtatiously blogger Maura Kelly: "how did it not occur to me that the best way to survive holiday consumer insanity is TO FLIRT WHILE YOU SHOP?" —@maurakellyblog

Sex and the Single Guy blogger Rich Santos: "Need some new duds for the fall, i have that 'i have nothing to wear' feeling when staring blankly into my closet." —@richravens


"Saw New Moon today. In a packed theater. Three people in the audience were dressed as werewolves. I was embarrassed for all of us." —@TheBloggess

This blogger has developed a cult following for her hilarious tweets and interactions with celebrities on Twitter.

"I stand in the kitchen and I'm all, 'I haven't had enough protein today!' And then I eat 19 spoonfuls of peanut butter. Totally justified." —@nicoleisbetter

Nicole Antoinette is @TheBloggess's intern and shares the same bold sense of humor that we can't get enough of!

"'Please stop quoting me. Not everything I say is some witty quotation." —Mark Twain #TopQuotes #OurAnnualYear" —@theonion

When you don't have time to leisurely read the fake news, their Twitter feed, updated a few times a day, proves to be a hilarious substitute.

"I will never stop getting a kick out of saying 'drummers' when interviewers ask me for my greatest weakness." —@boobsradley

Lemondrop writer Julieanne Smolinski never fails to deliver hysterical one-liners you'll wish you thought of yourself.

"TIME TO MAKE THE COUCH EVEN MORE AWESOME claw claw claw claw claw claw AWESOME ACHIEVED" —@sockington

Do we really eagerly await new tweets from a cat? We do, and you will too.

"Jon is getting a vasectomy in a half hour. Question is, do I want more kids? Should I have thought about this? 30 MINUTES TO DECIDE." —@dooce

Famed blogger and author Heather Armstrong's one-liners keep us laughing no matter what the topic.

"While watching documentary about a guy who ran 50 marathons in 50 days, I ate a pint of ice cream and bitched about our uncomfortable sofa." —@sundry

We already obsessively follow superwoman writer Linda's blog at, and whether she's on the go and training for a triathalon or on the couch eating ice cream, her 140-character quips never fail to entertain.

"Marriage seems like a great means to an excuse for all social obligations. SORRY WE CANT GO. HE IS SO THE WORST, RIGHT? JUST BLOGS ALL DAY." —@meaghano darling Meaghan O'Connell will say the thing you were thinking, but she'll say it funnier.

"You sure do like to tailgate people... Right, because it's real important you show up to the nothing you have to do on time." —@shitmydadsays

This tweeting superstar recently got a book deal from posting his father's dry witticisms, and rightfully so — they're consistently laugh-out-loud funny.

"They're off the job! #5 – Action concluded at 09.55GMT. Duration: 22 m.41 s. Frenzy Index: 4 (easy listening). Judge's Comment: "Morning!" —@newlywedsontjob

This mischievous best man found a way to rig his friend's bed so that every time he beds his new bride, a sensor lets the world know via Twitter. The happy couple has yet to find out and we hope they don't, for everyone's sake!

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"I miss when I was a little kid when I could go without peeing for like 4 days" —@mindykaling

The Office's Mindy Kaling is just as funny as her television counterpart.

"Eating a gingerbread house for breakfast. A new low." —@diablocody

Judging by her tweets, we think we'd be great friends with Juno director Diablo Cody.

"What you're allergic to cats? It's alright, I was allergic to you." —@katyperry

Katy Perry is as entertaining on Twitter as she is on the red carpet, posting pictures and updates from the road.

"I think I am going to watch intervention perhaps hoarders and call it a night!" —@mrskutcher

"sometimes hanging with puppies just makes everything ok" —@aplusk

Celebs, they're just like us! We can't help but love getting a peek into the daily lives of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.

"I love Japan! I think all the tiny cars are so cute!" —@britneyspears

Whether you're a secret fan and looking for behind-the-scenes updates from Team Britney as she goes on tour, or just want a good laugh from Brit herself, the pop star's Twitter feed gives you a glimpse into her life you don't see in the tabloids.

"Having a heated debate w/ my security guard about politics&I'm seconds from leaving my table! Never debate over dinner!! You'll leave hungry" —@lindsaylohan

Never boring, Lindsay Lohan loves to get personal on her Twitter account, giving us an inside look into her daily life that the tabloids don't catch.

"I like shirts with hoods on them because I like the option of looking like a jackass." —@johncmayer

Even if you're not a fan of his music, you'll be a fan of his cheeky tweets.

"I now accept that it is looking increasingly likely that Tiger Woods is, in fact, straight." —@stephenfry

This British actor's tweets will turn anyone into a fan — you'll be good company, alongside over a million on Twitter.

"If I had one super power it would be the ability to prevent people from asking me what super power I'd most like to have." —@rainnwilson

Actor Rainn Wilson proves to be even funnier than his Office character...though we can't stop reading his tweets in the voice of Dwight Schrute.

"OH! & P.S. I went brunette. I feel smarter already" —@nicolerichie

We're surprisingly drawn to Nicole Richie's Twitter updates. She pokes fun at herself, and we love her candid photos.

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"seats filling quickly with the likes of Blake Lively & Rachel Zoe the latter in circle shades" —@insidedvf

Designer Diane Von Furstenburg proves she's both fashion and web-savvy. Her daily tweets go behind the scenes at her runway shows, provide style tips, and even call out her "fan of the week."

"amazing night at MOCA..Lady Gaga amahz! luv the merging of art and fashion worlds ..going to sleep now..night all xoRZ" —@rzrachelzoe

Celeb stylist Rachel Zoe's Twitter is a must-follow. She offers fashion advice (like how to pair shorts with tights), replies to her followers, and posts tons of personal pictures.

"About to get shot, I have that crazy hairdo and makeup and have to go on the street like that BUT wearing crazy McQueen shoes. How coool !" —@garancedore

Illustrator and photographer Garance Dore will make you feel like you're right there with her, in 140 chic characters or less.

"Snuck down to Cabo for a mini-vacation with hubby! Sitting by pool now listening to ocean..." —@cindycrawford

We love getting a glimpse into supermodel Cindy Crawford's fab life. She tweets about everything from her chic getaways to her favorite recipes.

"my clothes won't fit back in my suitcase..they've grown?" —@alexachung

Television host and fashionista Alexa Chung posts updates about her show, chats with fans, and showcases her favorite fashion finds.

"We heart Caroline Trentini's bangs...and so does she!" —@modelinia

Both Modelinia's site and tweets are all models, all the time, so you can be sure you won't miss a thing.

"back in LA for fittings today and tomorrow I cant wait to be back in NYC to work on the collection for Fall." —@csiriano

If you loved the fierce Christian Siriano on Project Runway, you'll love his Twitter updates too.

"Nothing says smart casual like a jersey daytime bow tie." —@henryholland

Fashion designer Henry Holland delivers sass and fashion tips every day on his Twitter page.

"@spoiledpretty Thank you - I don't put much in my hair, but whenever I do an updo I use a little Nivea hand cream. -RR" —@rachel_roy

Designer Rachel Roy gives us a behind-the-scenes peek at her fashionable life, plus beauty and fashion tips anyone can use.

"Speaking of shopping for myself- I made a list of items I am interested in AND the best prices on those. Kind of like 'Oprah's fav. things.'" —@hithaprabhakar

Hitha Prabhakar calls herself a "fashion and retail truth-teller," and that's exactly what she does.

"A robot just rung me up. She had a sing-song voice and didn't listen to anything I said. I feel like a fashionable Dr. Who" —@fakekarl

We love fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, but we also can't get enough of Fake Karl's funny tweets!

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"During a 5 hr delay, pax fell asleep on plane b4 takeoff. When he woke up he started 2 collect his things. Had 2 tell him we never took off." —@heather_poole

We're hooked on the updates from this flight attendant, who tweets from 35,000 feet in the air.

"I've had TONs o'street food in 3rd world countries & all that ecoli wouldn't add up to the potential biohazard that Chuck-e-Cheese poses" —@traveladdict

Blogger and adventurer Sebastien Tobler always delivers with travel quips and observations, tips, and suggestions.

"Hot & sunny #traveltuesday in our #Spain white village-loving listening to church bells, roosters, horses clomping by, pool water gurgles" —@soultravelers3

This family of three will inspire you to plan your own travel adventure — they've made their way through 32 countries and four continents since they set out to travel the world together in 2006.

"If you can guess my whereabouts in this photo, I'll take you to lunch." —@wendyperrin

You'll love following writer Wendy Perrin's travels, especially because she loves to interact with fellow travel fanatics.

"Digital Nomad tip of the day: Always leave home with an extra universal adapter in case you forget yours in the lounge and someone steals it" —@nomadicmatt

Matt has been traveling the globe for over three years, and blogging it all. Follow his Twitter for real-world travel tips and advice for galavanting on a budget.

"Looking forward to lunch with Katy from @WhereIveBeen in a little bit. Going to quirky cafe - have to walk thru a jewelry store to get to." —@kimmance

Travel writer, editor of online travel magazine, and host of the @Galavanting web travel series Kim Mance's updates from the road and tweeted travel videos always make us want to book a ticket wherever she's going!

"I'm heading to Copenhagen in January....why do I do these trips in the winter? and I'm usually in the south in summer!" —@girlsgetaway

We love Dian Emery's personal travel tweets, and she's a great resource for travel deals, giveaways, and tips for planning a girls' getaway with your friends.

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"New York State has finally approved the unemployment claim I filed in February. SO MUCH FAIL." —@saveassistants

Save the Assistants author and blogger Lilit Marcus posts horror stories, tips, advice, and news for and by assistants, with a personal touch. You'll love commiserating with her.

"CALLING ALL #JOBANGELS People need us now more than ever. How can you help someone today? Jobless tops 10%" —@jobangels

Job Angels is a grassroots movement that started on Twitter that helps people get back to work, one tweet at a time. Whether you're the one seeking or know someone who is, make Job Angels a daily stop.

"News: U.S. unemployment rate hits 10.2% in Oct., highest rate since April 1983. Job losses total 190,000. [Recession is NOT over.]" —@lindseypollak

Generation Y career expert and author Lindsey Pollak tweets out links to relevant, helpful career news and advice. She's a must-read for anyone looking to get a job or get ahead.

"People do strange things on biz travel. I'm watching poker on tv. Never ever done that at home." —@heymarci

Marci Alboher is an author, speaker, and journalist who focuses on career and workplace issues, and she's a must-follow for anyone climbing the ladder.

"Onward! Coworker asked me to write up a proposal for reviving a defunct blog on the site. I figure 11:43 p.m. is the perfect time to do so!" —@stephauteri

Not only does writer and aspiring career coach Steph Auteri tweet out helpful links and tips to her site and others, she's also stands out from the pack by being endearingly transparent about her own career success and struggles.


"Hydration nudges: Go drink a glass of water. Warm water with lemon juice is a nice way to help flush out toxins." —@skinnyjeans

If you need a nudge to get healthier, you'll love writer Stephanie Quilao's tweets. She posts about healthy living and is a total inspiration!

"Make an achievable goal and then follow through. Make another achievable goal and so on until you get to where you want to be." —@fitnesscaeli

Caeli Esser keeps us motivated and in the know with her health news updates and motivational 140-character nuggets.

"Picking more organic greens from my cold-frame garden for a little salad snack - yum." —@elanaspantry

You'll never wonder what to make for dinner again...Elena's daily recipes will have you covered!

"Settling in to catch up on some work after an 8-mile run and some Chipotle" —@tblanchfield

Theodora Blanchfield has lost almost 50 pounds with a healthy diet and an exercise overhaul. We've followed every step on her blog,, so it's no surprise we love following her quick updates on Twitter too!


"Just pulled up to the 'Ham Fam' diner in Allentown, where the President has lunch with some small business owners and the mayor" —@whitehouse

The official White House Twitter account tweets out links, videos, some day-to-day happenings, and even snippets of the President's speeches.

"800,000 H1N1 vaccine doses for children recalled because they aren't as potent as they should be" —@cnnbrk

CNN's breaking news Twitter is great for catching up on the day's major headlines on the go.

Who's your favorite news, health, or career Tweeter? Help them make our list by nominating your favorite Twitter here!