Our 10 Favorite Moments From The Devil Wears Prada in GIFs

8 years ago today, The Devil Wears Prada hit theaters and allowed moviegoers a peek inside the fickle world of fashion. To celebrate, we're reliving the eloquent digs, rollicking one-liners, cold hard truths, and hair-raising stares —namely of the Miranda Priesly variety — in GIFS.

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1. "All right, everyone. Gird your loins!"

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2. "Who's that?"

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3. "You have no style or sense of fashion."

4. "No, no."

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5. "Can you please spell Gabbana?"

6. "I shaln't"

7. "You eat carbs for Christ's sake."

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8. "By all means move at a glacial pace. You know how that thrills me."

9. "I'm not your baby."

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10. "Everybody wants to be us."

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