Lather Up For A Good Cause

According to a recent study by UNICEF, up to 2.7 million children are exposed to domestic violence between parents. Do your part to stop domestic violence with Daisy Soap.

Daisy Soap
Daisy Soap
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Lather up those helping hands and make a difference in a child's life with Daisy Soap from The Body Shop. Cleanse your skin with its sweet-smelling suds reminiscent of a springtime garden. Your hands will appreciate the moisturizing effects of this vegetable soap containing daisy extract and Community Trade shea butter from Ghana.

And for only $4 you can help save the forgotten victims of domestic abuse - kids.

According to a recent study by UNICEF, up to 2.7 million children are exposed to domestic violence between parents. Join The Body Shop Stop Violence In The Home Campaign and raise consciousness about this common violation of human rights. Proceeds from this lightly scented and life-saving soap will benefit the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, an organization dedicated to increasing awareness about the effects of abuse. Lend a hand in cleaning up our children's future one bar of soap at a time.

The Body Shop has also partnered with local family violence service agency at each of the over 440 Body Shop locations in the United States, Canada and Mexico. You can find these products and get involved in your community at a store nearest you.

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Love Daisy Soap? The Body Shop offers two other products for the Stop Violence In The Home Campaign.

Smooth over dry, chapped lips with Stop Violence In The Home Lip Care Stick, which contains olive oil, vitamin E and Community Trade beeswax. Peppermint oil provides a refreshing scent, reminding you of your contribution to this worldwide campaign. This mint-y lip care stick sells for a suggested retail price of $5, but with each sale, $2 is donated to support the services of the National Domestic Violence Hotline (NDVH).

Help protect the earth and our children's future by showing your support of the Stop Violence In The Home Campaign with the Bag For Life. Use this bag to shop for more charity items or carry your organic groceries home. The evergreen colored handles are sturdy and every time you use it, you help the environment by not using a plastic bag. 40% of the proceeds from this inspiring bag go to campaign partners including National Coalition Against Domestic Violence in the U.S. and Canadian Women's Foundation in Canada. For an added charitable bonus, the bag is made by Teddy Exports, a Community Trade supplier in India created by The Body Shop, where funds from products like Bag For Life built a hospital and school for 300 children.

If you or someone you love is a victim of domestic violence please contact one of these organizations for help:

United States

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV)

(303) 839-1852

National Domestic Violence Hotline

1(800) 799-SAFE


TTY: 1(800) 787-3224


Canadian Women's Foundation (CWF)

(416) 365-1444

Toll Free: 1(866) 293-4483

TTY: (416) 365-1732