Kristen Wiig Went on Jimmy Fallon as Khaleesi and Told All Her Ridiculous, Dragon-Related Secrets

"I don't know if you'll get it. It's about rocks and swords and stuff."

Kristen Wiig on 'Jimmy Fallon' as Khaleesi
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She might not have any management skills, but Khaleesi sure can make up song lyrics on the spot as well as the whip-smart Kristen Wiig. Ahem.

The Mother of Dragons and her main fire-breathing protégé Karlie Karleesia appeared on Jimmy Fallon last night and divulged some intimate details about her personal life, such as her favorite vacation spot (the west elm of the shore, whatever that means), her secret talent (playing the mandolin), her other secret talent (performing spells on people), and her other other secret talent (stand-up comedy). We also learn her impressive cleavage is actually just some clever slight of hand and that she "met Kristen Wiig" on the flight over—commercial, because Karlie Karleesia didn't have clearance.

Watch the interview below, and just try not to get "Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful" stuck in your head.

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