Stevie Nicks Thinks "Every Band Should Have a Girl In It" Because It Makes for Better Music

Can we get an amen?

Stevie Nicks sings into a microphone.
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Stevie Nicks, who is still touring at 66-years-old, has forged a path for women in rock 'n' roll—and now she's calling for bands everywhere to mix it up on the gender spectrum like Fleetwood Mac.

"I think every band should have a girl in it, because it's always going to make for cooler stuff going on than if it's just a bunch of guys," she explains in a new interview with Mojo magazine.

And whether the dynamic becomes impassioned or stays strictly platonic, it "casts a romantic spell," she says. (And if you need evidence, let this throwback, official performance video for "Dreams" give you all the feels.)

And Nicks isn't just *saying* something—she's personally helping top female artists by promoting them and what they do. Back in October, during a jam session with the Haim sisters, she made a remark about how they're the next generation of lady rockers.

"You're gonna be that rock 'n' roll woman that's going to make people happy and take them out of their miserable lives for two hours...and they're going to want your music," she told them. "And then, 66 years old, you can be starting a year and a half tour that sold out its US dates—in the first week."

But that's not all. Just last week, she hung out with Adele before a show and announced to the crowd that the soulful crooner will be just like her when she's older. "I told [Adele], 'You're going to be me in 40 years,'" she said. "You're going to still be up onstage doing what you're doing because of your song writing."

Women supporting women? Just one more reason to love Stevie Nicks.

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