If You Like ____, Then You'll Love ____: 8 New Shows to Have on Your Radar

Let us be your TV guide.

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If you like How to Get Away with Murder, then you'll love...

The Catch (ABC)

From executive producer Shonda Rhimes, this thriller follows a woman who investigates con artists and fraud for a living—and then gets played, in the biggest way. But who's conning whom? (No, really, this is a serious question.)

If you like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, then you'll love...

Superstore (NBC)

Workplace comedy? Check. Cast of diverse characters? Check. Daily grind? Check. This one stars America Ferrera and Ben Feldman and has gotten some definite buzz. (We'd like a trailer now, NBC!)

If you like American Horror Story, then you'll love...

Scream Queens (FOX)

It's horror with a *huge* dose of camp.

If you like Black-ish, then you'll love...

Dr. Ken (ABC)

Ken Jeong—the doctor-turned-actor—plays a doctor in the new comedy Dr. Ken. The TV series focuses not only on his practice, but also on his family, which (bonus!) stars Albert Tsai AKA Bert Harrison from Trophy Wife AKA the best part about that show.

If you like The Walking Dead, then you'll love...

Containment (The CW)

An unknown illness destroying the world? Welcome to Containment, where an epidemic breaks out in Atlanta and everyone has to, you know, save mankind.

If you liked About a Boy, then you'll love...

Grandfathered (FOX)

A man not only finds out he's a father, but also a grandfather. (Also, it stars John Stamos. Need we say more?)

If you liked Dallas, then you'll love...

Oil (ABC)

Family tensions. Hot guys. Southern accents. Any questions?

If you liked Kyle XY, then you'll love...

Blindspot (NBC)

It's...basically the same show, just more adult/The Bourne Identity, less teenage alien/sci-fi.

If you like Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D., then you'll love...

Chicago Med (NBC)

The latest spinoff of Dick Wolf's Chicago-centric series, Chicago Med exists in the same universe as Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire, and centers around (you guessed it) the hospital staff. It's, in a word, intense.

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