The 17 Most Badass Feminist Tweets to Inspire You on International Women's Day

You can say a lot about girl power in 140 characters.

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Twitter is a place where magic happens—Kanye rants, Chrissy Teigen shuts down haters, Lauren Graham confirms the Gilmore Girls revival. You can do a lot of powerful stuff in 140 characters, which is why, on International Women's Day, we're reflecting on all the feminist moments that have happened on Twitter. From Amy Schumer's body-positive photo shoot to Shonda Rhimes' demands for diversity, these ladies have stood up for themselves and all women in powerfully succinct tweets. 

After Piers Morgan cleavage-shamed Susan Sarandon's SAG Awards look, she dedicated this photo to him: 

Amy Schumer proudly posted a picture from her Pirelli calendar shoot

Demi Lovato shared a no-makeup selfie: 

Ashley Graham promoted the idea that beauty has no size: 

In the wake of the Bill Cosby case, Lena Dunham called out Hollywood for siding with men in power: 

After walking the red carpet at the SAGs, Mindy Kaling highlighted just how sexist reporters can be when asking women about their careers: 

Ariana Grande reminded the world that she is so much more than "Big Sean's ex-girlfriend": 

Zendaya pointed out that women don't need to wear makeup to look beautiful:

And Rowan Blanchard clarified that actually, women can wear as much or as little makeup as they want. It's their choice: 

Nicki Minaj proved she's just as good as any male rapper (like we even needed the reminder): 

Patricia Arquette stood up for transgender women:

Debra Messing told a teenage fan to always trust her instincts: 

Mariska Hargitay advocated for sexual assault survivors: 

Shonda Rhimes demanded we talk about diversity:

Gina Rodriguez supported her fellow Latino actors: 

Ariel Winter embraced the scars from her breast reduction: 

And Carrie Fisher shut down haters who said she hasn't aged well: 

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