Equal-Opportunity Ogling: 'Game of Thrones' Finally Showed Its First Penis

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Game of Thrones' policy towards nudity tends to be "the more breasts, the merrier," which is totally fine when looked at through the lens of "the female body is bomb, women have breasts, etc. etc." But if you delve a little deeper, there are some very real concerns about:  

  1. The heavily skewed depiction of female nudity on the show (cough, male gaze, cough).
  2. The fact that female nudity is often tied to rape or sexual assault, a plot device that's relied upon far too often.
  3. The fact that men aren't naked. Like, ever.

Because it's not TV, it's HBO, Game of Thrones really has no excuse for not embracing full-frontal male nudity, and they finally "freed the peen" (as Emilia Clarke would say) during Sunday night's episode.*

*Note: for everyone saying "but we saw Hodor's penis!" calm down—that was a prosthetic.

The big moment happened when Arya was watching an acting troupe get ready to perform, and the actor playing Joffrey (RIP, old friend) felt the need to unleash Joffrey Jr.

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It was a weird moment that kinda made us all 😶 , but one that's been a long time coming. Of course, it remains to be seen if the show will write a penis-positive scene for any of its main characters (including recently undead dudes with the last name Snow), but the internet lives in hope.

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