These New Emojis Show Girls Playing Sports And Boys Getting Pampered

Reversing gender roles one text at a time.

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(Image credit: Apple)

Back in July, Google promised us more gender-diverse emojis, after the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee (yes, an actual organization that regulates emojis) agreed to a proposal from Google to expand women's "careers" to something other than just princess, dancing lady, and woman getting a haircut. And now, they've delivered!

Today, Apple released over 100 new emojis in the developer preview of iOS 10. They include women doing things that women do IRL like (gasp!) swim, surf, play basketball, lift weights, run, and mountain bike.

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(Image credit: Apple)

To keep things fair, they also included men doing things like getting a haircut and a scalp massage.

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(Image credit: Apple)

Because, let's face it, everybody loves a head massage.

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