5 Passive-Aggressive Notes Your Roommate Would Write You About the Green Olympic Pool

Algae buildup and dirty dishes—same thing, pretty much.

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ICYMI, two Olympic pools in Rio have been the color of the Jolly Green Giant since Tuesday because someone mistakenly added hydrogen peroxide on August 5, according to the New York Times. The H202 neutralized the chlorine and allowed organic compounds like algae to grow in the water, which stung athletes' eyes and made it nearly impossible to see underwater (crucial for synchronized swimming). Rude.

Here, read five notes written in the style of the pettiest person you lived with before the lease was up and you (and all your flatware) got TF out of there. Because while passive aggression doesn't solve anything, it can be pretty funny when directed at a single whimsical aspect of an international event.

1. "I said no hydrogen peroxide" spelled out in algae on the deck

2. "Let's learn how to treat a pool properly."

3. A sunken treasure chest but when you open it, it's filled with index cards that all read "You won a million gold ingots! Too bad you'll never see this because the water's too murky."


5. "Hello! We ask as a courtesy that the next time you decide to make a mistake that will take 10 hours and 3,725,000 liters of water to undo, you not do it when the country is under a microscope and spectators are already like 'Get your sh*t together, Rio.' Thank you in advance."

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