Watching This 'Game of Thrones' Actor Phone in Sunday's Battle Scene Is Too Hilarious

*Does the bare minimum, takes a lunch break*

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Which Game of Thrones character do you most identify with? Are you Cersei, with an obsession for defeating her enemies? Or maybe you're more of a Jon Snow, who sits around brooding all day. But us? We're this dude, who showed up to Sunday's Game of Thrones battle scene with his flaming sword and was caught doing the absolute bare minimum in the background:


This appears to be Richard Dormer, who plays Beric Dondarrion, and is our new hero. And to be fair, his sword had real flames so doing anything other than waving it around was probably hard.

"The sword is not CGI," he told Variety. "That's real flames every single time. It lasts about two minutes, so I could only use it for two minutes and then it would start to go out so we had to start all over again…Also, I had to slow my sword arm down by about 20%. So if I was doing a move, I would just do it quick with the sword. But with the sword on fire, you can't move that fast otherwise the flame will go out. So you've got to move just slightly slower but more effort, you know? Also it weighs three times as much as a normal sword, so it's just this big club really."


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