Are Jawahir and Nick Together After 'Too Hot to Handle'?

Spoilers ahead!

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Huge spoilers ahead for season 4 of Too Hot to Handle. Among the gorgeous views and expensive antics of its fourth season, Too Hot to Handle found a couple of genuinely sweet love stories. The season's strongest match was between Jawahir Khalifa, a model from Amsterdam who immediately started breaking rules, and Nick Kisci, an American artist and yogi who spent lots of time meditating. Though Nick had eyes for Jawahir as soon as she set foot on the beach, the firecracker ended up flirting with a few of the guys before Nick caught her eye. Once they paired up, they became the season's biggest rule-breakers, only rivaled by Kayla and Seb. (For anyone curious, Nawahir racked up $41,000 in fines, while Sayla's rule-breaks totaled $68,000.)

A giant curveball (or "grenade") in the couple's journey came with the arrival of Shawn, a Floridian model who turned Jawahir's eye. The model admitted from the jump that she tended to run from relationships when they get serious, and she fell into old habits when she decided to explore a flirtation with Shawn, even sleeping in his bed one night. Eventually, Lana made Jawahir decide whether to have a romantic dinner with Nick or Shawn. After some soul searching, Jawahir chose Nick, and opened up to him about her fear of abandonment, which made her push him away before he could hurt her.

"I know I have a connection with you and I know it's real. I look at you and just feel this feeling that I've never had before... I was pushing myself to walk away from you because I'm terrified," she told him.

After the romantic dinner, Jawahir and Nick joined the season's two other couples as finalists for the remaining $89,000 of the original $200,000 pot. The fellow contestants voted, and Jawa and Nick won the season! But the question is, did their relationship survive in the outside world? Read on for what we know so far.

Are Nick and Jawahir still together?

The season 4 winners have finally revealed that... they are no longer in a relationship. In the post-show breakdown, the pair revealed that they did stay together immediately after the show, and spent several months both living together in London and traveling as a couple in Bali. They eventually did break up and are now both single.

Nick told Tudum that Jawahir was the first significant other he ever lived with, adding. "Our relationship taught me patience and communication from a new perspective and allowed me to face my commitment [issues] head on."

Meanwhile, Jawa said in the clip that she is "single and not ready to mingle," adding, "I'm gonna spend my twenties just loving, and growing and just evolving as a young woman."

There were some prior clues about their relationship, though the standard Instagram snooping process is a bit difficult for Nick and Jawahir, since Nick isn't that active on the platform. Though he shares plenty of aesthetic snaps, he doesn't follow anyone on the app. However, Jawahir does follow him, and often likes and interacts with his and the other casts' posts. 

The show was filmed in early spring 2022, and it appears that Jawahir and Nick immediately went traveling after the show wrapped. The pair both shared Instagram posts from a trip to Indonesia this past April and May, and there's a big hint that they took the trip together. In posts they both shared in early April, they're definitely standing under the same waterfall.

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