Are Kayla and Seb Together After 'Too Hot to Handle'?

They found love in a hopeless place!

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Huge spoilers ahead for season 4 of Too Hot to Handle. In each season of Too Hot to Handle, there's one couple who are guaranteed troublemakers. Season 4 saw LA girl Kayla Richart and Scottish lad Seb Melrose flout Lana's rules as soon as possible, first in separate flirtations before they paired up together. In fact, Kayla was all in on New Jersey resident Nigel before he tried to juggle her with another girl, a messy decision that prompted Kayla to give Seb a chance after the Scot fell in lust at first sight.

By the end of the first five-episode drop, Seb and Kayla showed their strong bond when Seb turned down Flavia...and immediately broke Lana's ultimate rule, having sex in the shower. After the hook-up, the couple were sent to the private suite to test their connection, and surprisingly, they didn't rule-break! (Raise your hand if you were honestly shocked.)

For the second half of the season, Seb and Kayla both stay faithful, with Kayla turning down Shawn to stay with her man. They also manage not to have any more rule breaks following the $50,000 shower, deepening their emotional bond without focusing on the physical. Though the couple became finalists, they didn't walk away with the remaining pot, but they did walk away in an official girlfriend-boyfriend relationship.

So did their relationship last after leaving the Caribbean? Read on to see what we've found on Seb and Kayla's relationship status.

Are Seb and Kayla still together?

Yes...but it's complicated. Per the couple's post-show update, they kept dating immediately after, even visiting each other in Scotland and Los Angeles, but the long distance initially got to them and they ended things for a while. However, they never stopped talking, and they recently decided to give their relationship another try. They even went Instagram official in a cute joint post reading, "This is us, let’s see where it goes." 

They also both opened up about their long distance romance in a Tudum interview, with Seb saying that they speak everyday and are determined to keep the relationship going. Kayla added, "Since the retreat, Seb and I have had a very unconventional relationship. The way we met was unusual, and constantly remembering that we came from two different worlds… always helps us continue to grow together."

Before dropping the news, they had both traveled to London this month, joining the rest of the cast for some adventures and social media promo. They both shared stories of themselves hanging out with the cast, but nothing with each other. Kayla mostly posted solo updates, while Seb shared several clips of his boys' time with Creed, Nigel, and Ethan. He also hung out with Flavia, and filming a TikTok for her account that referenced the Peruvian actress' two flirtations on the show (Creed also co-starred).


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