Who Is Eduardo Franco From 'Stranger Things'?

The 'Stranger Things' newbie plays sweet stoner Argyle.

argyle eduardo franco stranger things season 4
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The first volume of Stranger Things season 4 went all in on two things: building an iconic sci-fi villain, and fitting in even more '80s pop-culture references. While the kids in Hawkins are working at a video store and reading about the Satanic Panic, Eleven and the Byers family make new friends and enemies in sunny Lenora Hills, California. Jonathan's new friend Argyle is stoner culture personified in a sweet package, played by Arizona native Eduardo Franco.

Franco is a familiar face to fans of teen shows, as he and his trademark extra-long hair have appeared in a a cult-classic film and a beloved former Netflix series. Here's what we know about the rising star.

argyle eduardo franco stranger things season 4

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The 27-year-old actor is best known for playing Theo in the teen comedy Booksmart, and also starred in the Netflix stoner comedy The Package. His first TV gig was a recurring role on the Disney XD series Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything. He's also appeared on Netflix's American Vandal and TruTV's Adam Ruins Everything.

His long hairstyle was an unintentional choice.

Franco grew up traveling over the U.S./Mexico border to visit relatives, including his aunt, who was a hairdresser. He told Remezcla that while he enjoyed the visits, getting back into the U.S. was a slog. As a teenager, it annoyed him so much that he stopped getting haircuts.

"It’s such a drag. The thing is, going into Mexico is awesome. I mean, the food is fantastic and I got to hang out with my cousins. And going in is a breeze. But coming back into the U.S.? It’s a fucking bitch. U.S. Customs, I don’t know what the fuck their problem is. You sometimes wait in line one or two hours," he told the outlet.

He got his 'Stranger Things' and 'Booksmart' roles after auditioning for other characters.

Franco has a history of charming casting directors so much that they find space for him in their shows. His Booksmart role—the held-back senior who often flirts with his teacher—was created specifically for him. Per Remezcla, after he auditioned for a different part, director Olivia Wilde and the casting director called him back in and said they made a new character for him to play.  

Something similar happened with his journey to Stranger Things. During a red-carpet interview at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, Franco recalled his audition process, which actually started with a different character than Argyle. "I read for Eddie," he told Insider. "I'm so happy it went to Joseph Quinn. He's incredible. He's so lovely. They made a beautiful decision. I back it a hundred percent."

eduardo franco argyle stranger things season 4

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His parents are super-supportive of his acting.

Franco also spoke with Remezcla about his family, who have been supportive of his career since the beginning and often call him to check if he's okay. "My parents are happy for me. And they’re proud of me. I can’t believe a lot of the things that happened in my life right now," he said at the time. "You know, I’m just working toward a better future. That’s it. Trying to get to a point in life where you sit down and realize, 'Wow, you know? I made all that!' I’m not there yet. But I’m working toward it."

He's also in a band.

Along with his acting career, Franco's in a two-man group called Dumb Bitches With Internet which just released a three-song album called The Most Album Ever. In a video shared on Instagram, he and his groupmate, Noetic Nixon, give a sidewalk rap performance.

As for the rest of his Instagram, Franco usually posts pop-culture content, from toys and graphic t-shirts to selfie poses referencing films. He even had a very fancy Batman costume for Halloween, so he's truly been living his best nerd life.

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