20 Genius Space-Saving Hacks for Packing Your Suitcase

Wrinkle no blouse, tangle no jewelry, leave no beauty product behind, and still have room to spare.

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1. Set your jewelry between two sheets of plastic wrap to prevent it from moving around and tangling inside your bag.

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2. Use pill case compartments or an old lip balm container to organize and keep track of your smaller jewelry, like rings and earrings.

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3. String the ends of a dainty necklace through straws to prevent the chain from knotting and tangling.

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4. Keep track of small stud earrings by fastening the set through buttonholes before slipping them into your jewelry bag.

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5. When packing clothes that wrinkle easily, lay the clothing flat inside a dry-cleaning bag, and then fold as normal. The plastic will prevent creases from setting in.

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6. To maximize the space in your luggage, roll your clothes instead of folding them. You'll be surprised by how much more you can fit this way.

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7. Help your bras maintain their shape while also saving space by stacking your bras on top of each other, folding them in half, and tucking your underwear inside. Stuffing your underwear inside your bras will prevent the cups from folding inward and help extend the life of your bras beyond your trip.

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8. Keep the dirty soles of your shoes away from your clothes by sticking them inside a shower cap.

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9. Stuff socks and products that won't burst inside your shoes if you're low on packing space.

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10. Fold your underwear instead of just wadding it up and stuffing it in your bag, which can take up a lot of space.

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11. Protect your delicates from the rest of the items in your bag by tucking them inside the little cloth bag that comes with a new pair of shoes or a new handbag.

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12. Protect breakables such as glass fragrance bottles by slipping them into socks before packing them.

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13. Stick your hairpins and clips inside an old Tic Tac container to easily keep track of them.

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14. Instead of packing big, bulky makeup bottles for a quick weekend trip, pour a little bit of the product into a clean contact case for easy travel.

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15. To prevent liquid products from bursting (and ruining everything else) inside your bag, cut a small square of plastic wrap, unscrew the product's lid, set the plastic wrap on top, and screw the lid back on. That way if the lid pops open, no product can spill out.

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16. Protect powder makeup products from breaking while traveling by sticking a cotton pad or cotton ball inside the compact before putting it in your makeup bag.

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17. If your razor doesn't have a protective cap, use a large binder clip to cover the sharp blades so you don't accidentally cut your finger when digging around your makeup bag.

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18. Use an old medicine bottle to store cotton swabs, sponges, or other disposable makeup applicators.

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19. Coat the ends of a few cotton swabs in your favorite eye shadow shades, and then put them in a plastic sandwich bag when traveling to save packing space.

20. Toss your makeup brushes or other small beauty products in a slim sunglasses case when traveling so you won't lose them.

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