Just in Case You Were Wondering if Your Halloween Costume Idea Is Original Enough, Google Knows

This way, you won't show up to a party in (*shudders*) the same thing as someone else.

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Whether or not you've endured the sheer travesty of showing up to a party in the same exact outfit as someone else, you know that the experience isn't/wouldn't be fun at all. It's actually a nightmare—as we've witnessed for celebs on red carpets (Same dress at the Oscars? The horror!) and maybe even seen back in the day at prom (more relatable for us less famous folk). Starlet or not, there's an event that most of us take part in each year; one where being spotted in a copycat ensemble is arguably more detrimental than at an awards show or school dance combined. And yes, that said event is Halloween. 

No one (NO. ONE.) wants their Halloween costume to prompt a "Who wore it better?" debate. And luckily for us, Google Trends totally feels us on that. That's why they created Frightgeist, a new site solely dedicated to identifying the most popular costume-related searches both nationwide and by region across the country. From New York City (where superhero is the getup du jour) to Los Angeles (where Princess Leia reigns supreme), you now have a better chance of standing out if you know what everyone else is looking for online. 

And just a heads up: Everyone wants to be Harley Quinn this year. So if you've already bought your jester gear and are hoping to avoid a potential showdown, you still have seven days to conjure up a new idea for Hallow's Eve. A safe bet? Maybe try one of these five unconventionally delightful costumes inspired by Internet memes—because in all 504 of the terms used to illustrate Frightgeist's research, "llamas on the run" nor "Penelope Disick v. car door" were anywhere to be found. 

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