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7 Couples' Halloween Costumes That Are #Goals

The power duos we need this year.


Is it too on-the-nose to suggest convincing your S.O. to dress up with you as a version of another modern power couple for Halloween? We say nay. After all, there's too much meme-ing fun to be had with the power duos of today, whether you're channeling Kendall Jenner discovering world peace or a political throuple.

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1 Pennywise and the Raincoat Kid from 'It'
Warner Bros.

If people can dress their baby up in killer-clown cosplay thinking that it won't affect his development, then you and your person can go as the aforementioned killer clown and his prey. It's cute! Balloons! Variation: Pennywise and the Babadook, still a better romance than Twilight.

Stutterheim, $295

BUY IT: shopspring.com.

2 The "Guy Checking Out a Girl" Meme

Do you like the internet? Wanna buy some memes, kid? Have such a solid relationship that you can joke about one party straying? [The crowd avoids making eye contact.] Or you could just like memes.

Gap, $30

BUY IT: gap.com.

3 Beauty and the Beast

This will be one of the most popular costumes this year, but if you really want to.

Target, $38

BUY IT: target.com.

4 Kendall Jenner and the Pepsi Policeman, the Adam and Eve of World Peace

I think it'd be really fun to be the Pepsi can, but probably more feasible to pick up a policeman costume, while the other person does some sort of Canadian tuxedo and "I really thought this would go over well" routine.

Smoke x Mirrors, $245

BUY IT: smokexmirrors.com.

5 This Completely Neutral-Feeling Meeting of World Leaders
Getty Images

Good for throuples.

Hive Modern, $220

BUY IT: hivemodern.com.

6 Tormund and Brienne of Tarth

To really sell it, the Tormund half should "make love to [a] sandwich as he eyeballs me," the "me" being the Brienne part of this package deal. Meanwhile, Brienne Half™ looks disdainful.

Ikea, $15

BUY IT: ikea.com.

7 Various Old Taylors

Could easily be expanded into a massive group costume, but any combination will do, provided zombie Taylor is included.

Spirit Halloween, $13

BUY IT: spirithalloween.com.

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