Why I'm Obsessed With Longchamp's Greenest Travel Bag

This lower-impact tote will be your best travel companion, trust me.

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Welcome back to Worth It, a breakdown of the new pieces we adore. If it's featured here, consider this our permission to splurge. Read on for the product you don’t want to live without.

The Accessory: Longchamp My Pliage Signature Travel Bag

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Longchamp)

For almost twenty years, some form of Longchamp’s iconic Le Pliage bag has been part of my personal travel set. At my high school, it was the most coveted option to tote your books in, and I haven’t parted ways with one since. Back then, I couldn’t pinpoint why there was such a frenzy amongst my peers around these bags, but over the years, the nearly weightless and super durable tote has become my no-brainer choice as a weekender or carry-on.

With my new favorite iteration—the Longchamp My Pliage Signature—the iconic tote is more personalized than ever, coming in several sizes and 15 different colorways (plus choice of leather trim and hardware). All of the offerings have the option of a super-sized monogram, so there’s no chance of a mixup on the security conveyor belt. The one I’m using now is the travel size, which makes for a great under-the-seat-in-front-of-you option for the plane. It also works well as portable short-trip luggage that doesn't require an immediate drop-off at the hotel, like a wheeled bag might.

Design aside, the My Pliage Signature is also the most sustainable version of the bag since its inception in 1993. It's made from recycled polyester canvas, which itself is made from post-consumer plastic. This effort has led Longchamp to transition from virgin nylon to recycled nylon for all Le Pliage styles going forward. Functional and green, this bag is an investment that's built to carry you (and your travel essentials) through the years.

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