Ashley Graham's New Collection With Knix is All About Self-Love

"Coming back from maternity leave, I wanted to come out with something that made me feel confident and that made other women feel confident, because we all are in different stages of our lives."

Ashley Graham wearing Knix
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Put simply, the internet is obsessed with Ashley Graham. Over the course of her 20-year-long career, the model has come to symbolize the modern woman who is and does it all. And while Graham has modeled and created capsules for brands in the past, her latest—a collection with intimates brand Knix that just launched—is maybe her most special to date. 

The lineup of lightweight mesh and micro modal pieces is a slightly more elevated step from Knix, which has previously gained popularity for its range of period-friendly underwear that perfectly melds functionality with a stylish look and feel. The capsule with Graham, who was named Knix's Global Brand Ambassador in 2021 and who was the face of their Knix Active line, includes a selection of bodysuits, seamless bras, and underwear, invites shoppers to fine tune their relationship with their own individual sensuality—no underwires, hardcore padding, or scratchy lace required. Furthering the message of self-love, the campaign features real women who were hand-selected by Graham and come from a unique range of backgrounds.

Knix Ashley Graham

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Everything in the range is priced between $26 and $72 and is available in sizes XS through XXXXL++ in a dreamy color palette that includes shades like a pale blush pink, a deep ginger orange, and a rich sky blue alongside classic colorways like black and white. Some of the pieces are also just a little bit sheer, proving that sexiness and comfort go hand-in-hand in Graham's perfect world. Consider this to be collection that's for the people with Graham's signature supermodel touch.

Ahead, Marie Claire chatted with Graham about all things motherhood, personal style, and the real meaning of feeling sexy in your own skin. Keep scrolling to shop a few pieces from the collection (including Graham's favorite bodysuits!), or shop it in its entirety on Knix's website

On Why This Collection is Important For Her: 

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"I have been a big fan of Knix for quite some time. I've been their global ambassador for over a year. Joanna Griffiths, who owns Knix, is also a mommy of three kids. She has twins and she understands the busy entrepreneur-business-mommy life. 

"Knix has the technology behind not only the underwear, but the bras. They're really about empowering women and their confidence. Right now, coming back from maternity leave, I wanted to come out with something that made me feel confident and that made other women feel confident, because we all are in different stages of our lives. We are constantly ever-evolving. I wanted to make something that felt good for every stage of your life."

On How Her Definition of "Sexy" Has Changed: 

"I mean, first of all, the question is when do you feel sexy! After the pandemic and having three babies in two years, it's a different kind of sexy now. Before, I only did sexy [when I was] fully glammed up and a dress on a red carpet. Now my sexy is just a little bit different."

On When She Feels Sexiest Now: 

"After a really good sweat, or laying on the beach and having a shower and being able to still feel the sun on my skin. Just taking in those little moments. My sexy's a little different now. I try to find sexy in little moments, even though I have three kids running around. Well, two of them aren't running yet."

On Her Advice for New Moms: 

"My advice for new moms is: this is just a stage and you don't have to be in this stage forever. Because postpartum life is not forever, even though it feels like it. At least that's what I'm telling myself because I've been living in postpartum for two years."

On Her Favorite Pieces From the Collection: 

"I'm obsessed with the Micro Modal Rib Bodysuit. I feel like it's super versatile. I wore it all day today and I was running around the city, and it doesn't move, it's perfect. It's such a yummy fabric! I'm also obsessed with the Mesh Deep-V Bodysuit. I think it's such a fun color and it goes on so many different skin tones. it's one of the things that you can wear in so many different ways if you are the type of person that likes to show off your lingerie."

On What the Campaign Means to Her: 

"The campaign is all based around revealing yourself. I really wanted whoever was buying this lingerie to understand that ‘revealing yourself' means to show up and to show your competence, to feel inspired. and to inspire. I wanted my fans to send in a video about why they wanted to be a part of this campaign. It was so hard to actually pick the girls—I feel like we picked the right girls at the end of it. They all come from different backgrounds [and have] such different stories."

On Her Experience On Set: 

"It was so much fun when I got on set and we got to do our first shot, it was a group shot. They really gave me  a run for my money, because they were standing  all sexy, having their sexy faces. In this day and age, everybody knows how to be a model. So I didn't have to give anybody directions—they were giving me direction!"

On her Defintion of Self-Love: 

"For me, self-love is something that is a constant—it's constantly in motion and in work. Having three kids in two years has been so taxing on my body. So I am going back to my TED Talk that I had eight years ago and I'm like: 'Hey, you're bold, you're brilliant. You're beautiful!' I don't have to have this 'snapback'—there is no such thing. So, I am having those conversations with myself. I think that what's most important to know is that my body is strong, and it's doing important things."

On What's Coming Next For Her Collection With Knix: 

"We've got another collaboration coming up soon, so I hope you like this one as much as I do!"

Shop The Collection: 

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