Try a Sophisticated Pair of Dress Shorts This Season

Stay chic in the heat.

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While a summer dress code embraces lightweight fabrics, brighter colors, and a general sense of ease, there's bound to be an important meeting, special occasion, or mandatory event that calls for dressier fare. Luckily, shorts that comply with dressier standards are no longer few and far between. Long tailored options can thrive in the workplace, while trims, embellishments, and stylish hemlines help shorts count as elevated party-wear. Skeptics will warm up to a slew of new, versatile short options that can be worn in a set, à la Chanel (opens in new tab), or balanced out with summery separates. When you have to get dressed during a heat wave, at the very least, let your legs catch a breeze. Ahead we've got 10 dress short options to choose from.

Sara Holzman
Style Director

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