The 15 Best Rain Hats That'll Protect You in Style

You'll actually look forward to rainy days.

Best Rain Hats That'll Protect You in Style
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Umbrellas do a good—not great—job at protecting you and your carefully selected outfit from the rain. On windy days, umbrellas flip inside out and tug you down the street, and in torrential downpours, you still end up drenched. Aside from a trusty rain jacket and rain boots, you'll need to arm yourself with a rain hat. But not just any kind of rain hat.

The best rain hats are compact, stylish, and protect you from droplets flying into your face. They also offer more mobility to go hands-free so that you can hold on to your bags, coffee, and phone. Plus, most rain hats can pass for regular hats, giving you more chances to show it off in bright and sunny weather. Keep scrolling to discover our favorite waterproof head coverings that outshine all umbrellas.

Laura Lajiness Kaupke
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