Kick off Your Summer Look With These 6 Essentials

Effortless summer style has arrived.

summer essentials
(Image credit: Edward Berthelot)

Summer style is not about following any specific set of rules. It’s about versatility and feeling your best even when you’re doing the very least—the kind of feeling you might get when you toss on your favorite coordinating set and strappy sandals in 60 seconds flat as you head out the door for impromptu plans.

If that’s the energy you’re trying to maintain all season, you will appreciate the following thoughtful curation of items. Rounding out summer 2021’s essentials are playful prints for all occasions, accessories that’ll elevate any ensemble (see: timeless jewelry, texture-rich handbags, and hair clips that’ll prove most useful on the steamiest of days). The beauty of these pieces isn’t just that they work with each other. They’ll complement all your existing wardrobe favorites, too. Ahead, take a closer look at the pieces to add to your rotation.