This Is *the* Swimsuit the Fashion Pack Is Wearing This Summer

Small wonder once you see how flattering it is.

Text, White, Pattern, Line, Design, Circle, Black-and-white, Illustration, Drawing, Sketch,
Text, White, Pattern, Line, Design, Circle, Black-and-white, Illustration, Drawing, Sketch,
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By now, you've probably got a few beach weekends under your belt, meaning swimsuit situation: handled, whether you took our unbelievably helpful quiz or just dug out last summer's model. Good. Now let's throw a wrench into your plans.

Sleek enough to make anyone feel like her string bikini's as hot as a floral one-piece with a modesty skirt, Eres' plunging maillot is proving extremely popular with the fashion crowd this summer, with admirers from Jeanne Damas to model/Jenna Lyons lookalike Michelle Oullett.

It's not hard to see the (sex) appeal, right? With snaps along the sternum-exposing neck and a low back, the Rolls Royce of swimwear brands' "Delicious" suit cuts a streamlined figure on par with a Horst cover or Keira Knightley in Atonement. But there's more, in case you haven't yet deduced that $405 divided by a lifetime of summers comes out to, like, a fraction of a cent: The peau douce fabric sucks you in and sculpts so your lines are comic-book-character sharp, and it could very easily double as a bodysuit when the stripe-y umbrellas have been packed away for the season. But seriously—we're willing to bet all your doubts and cost-per-wear calculations evaporate when you see how bomb you look in it.

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(Image credit: Courtesy)

Eres "Delicious" swimsuit, $405,

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