What 7 Women Were Wearing When They Met "The One"

"I picked the dress because I looked daaaaaayum fine in it."

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Are you perhaps familiar with the meme "What I look like when I don't see anyone I know?" with, like, a pic of full-glam Rihanna, and on the other side it's got "What I look like when I run into my ex and seven of my sworn enemies?" with a pic of no-makeup RiRi? (That is the exact premise, so you can't say no now.) Well, what if we told you the same logic applies to meeting the love of your life—except that the converse is also true and you never know when it might happen so there's no use planning for it?

Just let that sink in.

Here, seven women remember, with impressive precision, what they were wearing when they met The One (though that myth has been largely dispelled, whatever). Lesson: Dress however you want, because it *really* does happen when you least expect it.

The ugly footwear

Brown boots

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"We met in the airport before a study-abroad trip to Greece, so it was definitely not my best look! I was wearing an oversized tee, skinny jeans, and hiking boots (my heaviest-but-unfortunately ugliest shoes). But he was wearing a baby blue T-shirt with Kirby on the front, and that's one of the things that got us talking!"—Shelby, 23, Searcy, AR

The athleisure


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"I decided to keep it simple for my first date with Peter. I wore black leggings, a tan sweater, fall boots, and my favorite feather necklace when we met at a fun seafood restaurant/bar in the North Loop of Minneapolis two years ago. Leggings may have been a bit risky, but since I wear them 90 percent of my free time, I figured they would be a good choice!"—Maggie, 28, Minneapolis, MN

The Old Faithful

outfit 2

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"I was in college, so I was in the Standard College Uniform: skinny jeans, Chucks, and a tank top. I had a pixie cut at the time (miss that thing!), and I'm 99 percent sure I was wearing a super cheap, very gaudy necklace from Forever 21. Luckily he didn't judge me for it."—Jess, 30, Brooklyn, NY

The daaaaaayum fine dress

"I was wearing a black maxi column dress with a skinny belt with gold detail and gladiator heeled sandals.We were meeting up for pizza and a movie but ditched the movie when we realized we were having fun. I picked the dress because I looked daaaaaayum fine in it, and I felt it showed off enough of my personal style without being too in-your-face about it. He was wearing a white V-neck, and who can resist a hottie in a white T-shirt?

He was super funny and I felt at ease with him immediately. We actually went back to his place for some whiskey (it was around the block), and one of his roommates thought we were friends from college, but he was like, 'Nope! We just met!'

I still have the dress and wear it all the time."—Jaclyn, 28, Los Angeles, CA

The not-even Uggs

Fluffy boots

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"I met Ryan when I was a freshman in college. It was a random day during the semester, at the dining hall, so I was wearing my typical ensemble: a fitted olive T-shirt, gray leggings, and gray Ugg-like boots! It represented my educational experience well, because as a dancer I truly liked to wear simple, basic things that I could function well in throughout the long days! My future husband Ryan has always been a simple dresser and a huge advocate for wearing what makes you feel good, no matter how in or out of style those things may be. I'm not so sure my outfit from that day had any impact on our first awkward interaction, but I am confident that I felt comfortable with myself and who I was, and therefore, my personality came across! Now, if you ask me what Ryan was wearing, I would have no idea."—Rosie, 23, Cleveland, OH

The lack of color

Blue shirts

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"I met my husband in an NYC office building elevator. I was wearing black Forever 21 jeans, black ballet flats, and a bright turquoise blouse. I hardly ever wear bright colors. It was a casual Friday at work."—Sam, 26, New York City, NY

Black and mustard outfit

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"I was wearing a classic black tank top and mustard yellow skinny jeans with black flats and a black headband of all things. In retrospect, she still maintains that it was a darling outfit (mostly because she is a nice person). I'm ever so slightly mortified that I ever wore it. She also won't let me throw any of these garments away (including the headband), so they remain crystalized reminders of 'darling' choices. P.S. She had a cute haircut!"—Koa, 29, Brooklyn, NY

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