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7 Party Shoe and Sock/Tights Combos That Make the Whole Look

1, 2, dance.


We've already demystified/un-dad-ified socks with sandals, so the next logical step is to take what we've learned and turn it up to the sparkliest, man-repelling-est degree. That's fashion! Here, seven kick-step-ready shoe-and-hosiery pairings, thoughtfully organized by store for easy one-stop shopping.

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1 Zara

Plays well with something short, tight, and preferably vinyl.

1. $20, zara.com.

2. $139, zara.com.

2 & Other Stories

Fur trim: fun. Fur trim with peach silk: thrilling.

1. $17, stories.com.

2. $125, stories.com.

3 Topshop

All styling credit for this marriage of glitter and rhinestones goes to Topshop. (All reports of slipping-related injuries should go there too. We are not responsible.)

1. $6, topshop.com.

2. $100, topshop.com.

4 Mango

Holiday plans: Disco nap until the last possible minute, put on nearest jeans and T-shirt and this below-the-ankle situation, stare at wall for 20 minutes, arrive at party, STILL graciously accept all the compliments.

1. $12, shop.mango.com.

2. $75, shop.mango.com.

5 Finery London

Candy cane feetz.

1. $15, finerylondon.com.

2. $139, finerylondon.com.

6 H&M

Major Alessandro Dell'acqua vibes.

1. $10, hm.com.

2. $99, hm.com.


Haters will say it's Photoshop—because you'll look like you just strolled off a Gucci runway, get it? Alternate route: Go all the way with these tights in the same shade.

1. $4.50, asos.com.

2. $68, asos.com.

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