Crazes and Trends

Regular exercise is proven to be great for both mind and body, and helps keep us youthful and energetic.  Not only does exercise help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, it helps keep bones strong, improve concentrati...

Body Pump

Described as the "fastest way in the universe to get in shape," this hour long, high repetition resistance training class is designed to build lean muscles, without adding a lot of bulk. Using a weighted barbell, the workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls, and ends with abdominal work and cool-down stretch. Taught by trained instructors, the classes are set to energetic, choreographed music. You work out with a certified instructor who offers tips throughout the class on proper form and lifting techniques. Equipment is provided at health clubs. A great way to burn calories. Classes tend to get full because of its popularity. Arrive early to set up your equipment and claim a spot in the front row. Aching muscles are likely.


The three top-selling vitamins at for the summer were vitamin A and beta-carotene, vitamin B and vitamin C. Vitamin A is necessary for growth and repair of body tissues, and helps maintain smooth, soft, healthy skin. It also helps protect the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, throat and lungs, which reduce your body's susceptibility to infections. Current medical research shows foods rich in beta-carotene will help reduce the risk of lung cancer and certain oral cancers. It also counteracts night blindness and weak eyesight.

There are several types of vitamin B, but all play a key role in the body's metabolic cycle for generating energy. It aids in the digestion of carbohydrates and is essential for the normal functioning of the nervous system, muscles and heart. Other benefits include stabilizing appetite, promoting growth and improving muscle tone. Vitamin C is essential for healthy teeth, gums and bones. It helps heal wounds, scar tissue and fractures. When taken correctly, can aid in a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Personal Training

A personal trainer is someone whose entire job is to provide comprehensive one-on-one fitness training to their client. Trainers can assess your individual fitness level and help you set goals, whether it's to build muscle by weightlifting, lose fat with cardiovascular workouts, or both. Once you hire a personal trainer, you will usually meet them for hourly sessions one, two or three times a week. It's possible to work with a trainer more often, but most people can't afford the cost. Single sessions cost about $35 and climb to $500 for 20 sessions. It's a great way to stay motivated and learn new techniques. The trainer also logs your workouts, and pushes you so your body achieves maximum results.


A high-energy cardiovascular workout set to prearranged music. Participants punch and kick a heavy bag, jump rope and do push-ups. This class is a full-body workout geared to tone and slim the arms, legs and waist, while burning hundreds of calories. A fun class with a party atmosphere that includes bouts of intense intervals with easy to follow combinations, kickbox-specific strength and endurance training, ending with a tai chi-like cool-down. You'll love the camaraderie, music and instructors.


Discs resembling Frisbees are used under your feet and hands to engage the major muscle groups through a full range workout. Gliding discs are a new fun workout that forces you to use your balance, and in the process, use all your core muscles that run along your spine, especially your abdominal muscles. The discs also keep you moving, so your heart rate stays up, while you tone and build muscle. Gliding exercises wake up muscles you're not used to working.

Weight Training Equipment

Building muscle by weight training continues to be one of the most popular ways to work out. Easy to use, and accompanied with diagrams and directions, weight machines like Cybex and Nautilus are available at health clubs or to purchase for home gyms. Along with strength, machines improve stability and mobility. Machines allow weightlifters to train one specific muscle group, which is sometimes difficult to do with free weights. If you're short on time, using machines can be an efficient way to get in a workout. Machines offer security if you want to lift heavy weights alone.


The "ultimate" 45-minute ride through hills, flats and mountain peaks, all set to the addictive rhythm of powerful music. Classes are varied to increase your fitness level. You may climb hills, sprint along a flat road or maintain your heart rate on a long endurance ride. A word of advice for anyone contemplating this group cycling class: Bring bottled water and a sweat towel! Heck, you might even want to bring another shirt to change into after class because yours will be soaked. You can burn up to 700 calories, depending on your fitness level. Builds muscle strength and endurance.