The Perfect Goggle...

Does it exist? Does the perfect man exist? Is there a perfect face? A perfect body. Guess it all depends on who you ask. Goggles included. I've never heard a swimmer-swimmer (someone who swam in high school or college) complain about leaky goggles. where is the dis-connect between what I hear so many complaints about and what I swim with everyday in the pool.

So honestly, there is no fool proof method to finding the right goggle.

The "Golden Goggle" if you will.

There are a ton of different manufacturers. A ton of different styles. Different types of materials used.

Ones you build. One's that don't adjust. Stiff nose pieces. Soft nose pieces. Two straps. One strap.

Before we go any further.

Please, please, please do not buy the "mask" type of goggle. One, it's a mask and not a goggle. Two, there are no pearls or oysters in a pool. No fish or cool coral to look at. So don't swim laps with a mask.


1. Goggles should fit snug against the sockets of your eyes. Not sucking them so tight that you get a headache and raccoon eyes. Just snug.

2. Look at your eyes. Are they bigger? Smaller? What about the bridge of your nose? Wide? Narrow? Obviously al things to take into account when looking for goggles.

3. Straps. One or two? Single or double strap? I vote double but that's just me. Maybe you have a ton of hair in your cap and hence a huge bun under your cap that cannot fit with two straps?

See it's all individualized.

4. Clear, red, blue, green, mirrored? I only use mirrored which are a darker smoke color when you look thru them. I find bright light distracting when I swim. But you may prefer to see every little think you swim thru.

5. Spong-y black eye piece material, plastic or rubber? You just have to figure this out for yourself.

6. The biggest piece of info to take away from finding the perfect goggle. PRICE MEANS NOTHING!

My goggles cost $2.79a piece and I've had them since U.S. Swimming Olympic Trials in 2000!

So how do you find a pair that fit?

Try and try again. With the millions of goggles out there...ONE is bound to fit your perfect face.