Our Relationship with Food: 5 Shocking Statistics

I know you’ll be rethinking your next meal after seeing these stats. I am!

The alli luncheon panel today was both eye-opening and alarming. (It was also packed with celebrities stressing over America's fat epidemic, from Rachel Hunter and Jill Zarin, the Real Housewife, to Ricky Lake, Emme, and Tom Arnold, the last three all speakers).

Before the panel started, GSK gave me some stats from their recent survey about Americans' dysfunctional relationship with food. I know you'll be rethinking your next meal after seeing the five most shocking stats below. I am!

25% of Americans eat too fast for the taste of our food to even register. That's just a waste, people...

27% of us always clean our plate, even when we're full. I am hard-wired to do this, I admit.

29% of us have scarfed down dinner without ever putting down our utensils. What are we, cavemen?

37% of us can't tell when we've had "enough" of our fav foods.

* Worst of all…A whopping 79% of us believe we are in control of our eating habits. Yet the CDC says fully two thirds of us are overweight. And those numbers just don't add up.

The panel's most heart-stopping moment? KayCee Stroe, better known as the character Martha Cox from Disney's High School Musical series, broke down in tears describing her 400-pound sister receiving catty comments about the stuff in her cart at the grocery story. Stroe's plea? Yes, America has a weight problem. But let's handle it "in a classy way, with love and no judgment." Sounds good to us.